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[VIC] Miss Dj's 21st Birthday!, Sat Mar 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jamie aka Miss_Dj

    Hey peeps,

    Its finaly my 21st b'day and everyone's invited!
    (Even if ive never met you!)

    Its Fancy Dress too! There's no theme or rules to follow. Come naked if you want, i dont care, but you must come dressed up or face the consequences!


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  2. Ok peeps, here is the official invite.

    Anyone is welcome! Bring partners, mates, i dont mind but just please let me know numbers on or before 18th March for catering purposes!

    Thanks and i hope to see many of you there!


    21stBdayInvitation. [/img]
  3. If I wasn't going away for my own birthday ride I'd join you for sure :grin:

    next year we'll have to have a big party together :cool:

    maybe we can catch up sometime prior and do the lunch thing or something.

    have fun chicky, you know I'd be there if i could :wink:
  4. i MIGHT dontate some time to you jamie.. have to see.. i might be doing my hair that night too lol.
  5. sorry jamie, im helping danny do his hair.

    :p see you there
  6. :grin: I'll be there !!!!
  7. Mmm. An event I should actually be able to get to.
  8. Excellent work kids! So glad you can make it :cool: :p

    HOPE TO SEE MANY MORE OF YOU THERE :dance: :woot: :beer:
  9. Hey Jamie. I'll be celebrating my daughter JAMIE's birthday that day so I can't make it. I'll have a drink for you though :wink: :wink: . B.T.W. MY Jamie is 15
  10. Hahaha - Yes well us "Jamie's" are a special breed (Which im sure you have already gathered) :shock: :LOL:
    Have fun celebrating your daughters b'day and ill have a few drinks on her behalf (because she's not allowed to........ yet!)

    Chat soon :)
  11. Might have to make an appearance to have a shit-dribbling yarn with the birthday girlie! :LOL:

    Been a while hey chick? Will be great to see you... not sure how I'll go dressing up though :?
  12. I'll be there, :cool:
    hmmmm might come as a Hells Angel or waz that Heavens Devil.. :?
  13. pfft who would wanna go 2 your crappy birthday :LOL:

    of course ill come :p :grin: :beer:
  14. I may make an apperence if mum says i can.
  15. Hey girl :birthday: Obviously I wont be there Saturday night but I hope u have a fantastic night with much fun and merriment :beer: :beer:
  16. Have a happy, HAPPY twenty-oneth Jamie, I'm sure the gang will make it memorable :).
  17. Thanks heaps for the b'day wishes Colleen and Hornet!!!!
    Pity you guys arent here but im sure there will be some photographic evidence of destruction floating around some time after the 31st of March :p
  18. ill bring my dodgy camera, but not my good one.

    even the little one is gunna be ahrd to hide under all that latex.. im sure ill find a way ;)
  19. GESSUS!!!! :shock: I thought we were close, but im sure we all dont need or want to hear about how small your *ahem* genitals are.. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hahahah Sorry mate - you should know me by now, there's no such things as "crossing the line" in my vocab!
  20. I know something about that line. It's that thingy waaaaaaaaaay back there.
    *points off into the distance*