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[VIC] Midweek Ride - Wed 8th Sept 2010

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Am heading out for a day ride on Wednesday. Wondering if anyone wants to join me?

    Will likely meet up at 10am at the Berwick Caltex.

    Meet Point: Caltex/Safeway Fuel+, (next to McDonalds) Cnr Clyde Road and Kangan Drive, Berwick, Melways Ref: 111 C10, Google Map
    Gathering Time: 10:00am (at Meet Point)
    Departure Time: 10:15am
    Ride Route: Haven't fully decided, but it'll be fun whichever way we go.

    This will be a Level 4/5 ride

    Either PM me, or drop a note here if you plan on turning up.
  2. Interested, but only a maybe at this stage

    Mick G
  3. No worries!
  4. Anyone else?
  5. I'm interested! The roads are shitty after the rains though, so I probably won't be very "aggressive" tomorrow.
  6. Good stuff. See you there.

    Roads should be fine by the time we get into it. That's partly why we're starting when we are.
  7. See you there. Look out for the ratty looking old CBR 600 :D
  8. You ain't seen ratty until you've seen my thing! :D

    Kitting up now
  9. Missed the exit and paid pretty dearly - 3km of a traffic jam the other way on the highway. Hope you had a good one!
  10. Waited until about 10:33am, then headed off. Figured you might've gotten lost, but also figured that at over 30 mins past the meet time that I was starting to feel like a fool for waiting.

    Had a hoot. Bumped into Mal/Z900 from Netrider here. Had a chat. Chased down a hooning Ford Focus RS with what looked to be a 500 kit, up a tight winding road, and put him in his place. :D Dodged oncoming cars wholly within my lane (I mean, c'mon, at least try to keep some of your car on your side of the road, eh?), rode through 100 meters of water across the road that was 15-20cm deep, dragged the knee, drifted the rear over some gravelly patches mid-corner, played with some extreme lean angles thanks to the Supercorsa SC tyres, met a guy on a brand new RSV4R, and was back in time to smoke me a kipper! :D

    Yep, great day!
  11. Sounds excellent. Glad you didn't wait for me, I was stuck on the freeway for ages. Catch ya next time!