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[VIC] Midweek Ride - Wed 1st Nov 2006

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Posted this via the calendar earlier today but it's still not made it to the forums, and due to the rather short notice I can't wait any longer for it.

    I missed out on doing any real riding last weekend due to a combination of weather, daylight savings and vomitous (ill/sick) children, so it's time to get some fresh air and see what these new tyres can do.

    Meet Point: Healesville AMPOL service station (cnr. Maroondah Hwy and Don Rd - Melways Ref: 270 D12)
    Meet Time: 10:30am for 10:45 departure**
    End Point: Emerald (~45kms ESE of city center)

    Ride Class: All welcome
    Distance: Approx. 290kms
    Ride Duration: Approx. 5hrs (including stops/lunch)
    Planned Route: Chum Creek Road, Mt Slide, Kinglake-St. Andrews, Whittlesea to Yea, Whanregarwen, Buxton/Marysville/Narbethong, Black Spur, Launching Place-Gembrook-Pakenham Upper-Cockatoo-Emerald.

    So who wants to get out on some glorious roads on fantastic 24C forecast fine and dry day? Sound good? See you there!

    ** gives me time to drop daughter at school and ride to Healesville
  2. Great idea... I've blocked my calendar and will see tomorrow if the boss is okay :wink:
  3. hmmm, I might "tag" along. I'll see how I feel tomorrow night.
  4. Would love to Cathar, but Jypt and I are going to do a sighting run in the morning around Launching Place-Gembrook. Bummer.

    Be sure to post footage Stew, my bandwidth luvs it.
    Have fun now ya hear.
  5. Well, we will be riding all through and around that area in the afternoon, including that very same road. Come with us and do your sighting run then. ;)
  6. Joe has to be in the city around 1:00ish, but i don't :cool: :cool: :cool:
    So if we can hook up, I'm in. Love to do the Spurs again.
    If Caz says she's thinking about it, usually means she's good to go!
    Wonder if Jeff's feeling a bit crook? :LOL:
  7. Would love to go but my day is packed out *cries*
  8. :rofl: are you waving that red rag at this bull again Chef :p

    Ya right though, I'm keen as mustard.
    I got a new clutch cable today and I am doing an oil change tomorrow,
    so I'll be there more than likely :)
  9. Told Ya :p

    (plus some other words to get the count up)
  10. Jen, sweetheart, cancel it. What could be more important than a ride? Seriously.
  11. Im seriously considering.. I love heading out this way.. was only just telling fellow netriders today I want to organise more rides up there! Love those hills
  12. Negotiated plans.. I'm there with bells on!
  13. :applause: Gold, well done Jen. You can probably hook up with Caz for the ride over.
    No getting it out of it now Caz, hehehehe.

    Now if Cathar would just give me some kind of meeting point I'll hook up
  14. Hmmm, would it help if we did the Gembrook area first off, and the northern roads later? We'd still meet in Healesville, but just change the order of the rides we'll ride on? We can do the loop and have lunch in Healesville before heading north.

    Will that work better for you?
  15. Im meeting another netrider, Duane, for the ride over. Caz do you wanna meet up in Craigieburn for the meet with Duane and head up to the hills?
  16. No, leave it as it is.

    Joe and I are starting at 8:30, so we should be done in time to get to Healesville for the meet time.
    Joe has to be back in Rowville by 3:00 (Jen talk to him will ya?)
    So we'll get there and figure out how far out Joe can come before he heads back.

    Can you txt me your number?
    0401 158 890

  17. Any body who wants to meet at my favourite bakery, we'll be there around 10.
  18. Oooh drat double drat, I'm going to be so envious of you guys come Wednesday :tantrum:
  19. Why is the weather always so good during exam time? I'll just procrastinate all day anyway, so I might tag along.
  20. I have to work at 6pm.. have to be back in yarraville.. but i was convinced.. very easily.. ride is more important.. worry about work later.. LOL


    It wont be as bad as it sounds.. as long as Joe is on his bike by 2:15 to get to rowville he will be swoite!