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[VIC] Mid-Gippy Casual Ride, Sat Mar 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Andrea Ross

    Date: 24th March 2007
    Time: 10.30am departure
    Start: Yarragon Bakery
    End: BP Servo, Gunns Gulley (Moe-Newborough)
    Length: Approx. 260 kms

    This will be a casual ride through mid-Gippsland and LaTrobe Valley. Lots of variation, ranging from highwa...

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  3. I'm not real sure if I can do this one or not.

    We are hosting our nephews 21st in our bar that night . Will play this one by ear as well.
  4. Barn and myself would love to join in, what time do you think you'd hit leongatha.......as that's where we'd join you guy's ...
    p.s. if you want to make foster a round trip, back to meenyan, barn knows a way through fish creek, to foster, rather than go up and back the highway... :cool:
  5. After my fender bender :shock: it might be good therapy :)
    I'll see how my stiff neck feels in a couple more days :)
  6. Work again ruins a good ride, have a great day.
  7. Hope you are healing well Bundy :angel:

    Hopefully will be on this ride :?
  8. Thanks cruisingal :) :) feeling much better :) :)

    Might see you on Saturday :grin: :grin:
  9. How'd that happen???

    Not good to hear, in any case. Quick recovery.
  10. Must be 21st season. We've got my niece's 21st in Rosedale that night. However, it's also the MRA's AGM that day too. I'm hoping to zip down to Dandy to go to the meeting, then race home to get ready for the 21st. Have my sister and her fiance coming down from Mt Eleven for it. First guests in our new house.

    So, yeah, it'll be a busy weekend for me. Would've been nice to cram a pleasure ride into it as well. Oh well, maybe Bright the following weekend.
  11. Can't make it :( BUGGER.
  12. Wow M, you will be busy...what time is the AGM, maybe you could go home the long way :wink:

    All the best for the move, hope it goes smoothly :)

    And why not? evileyes2.
  13. Thanks

    I think that the AGM starts at 1pm. If I can make it I'll hang around til at least 3pm, or until the homicide squad has finished interviewing the witnesses....
    The long way home would be nicer, say down to Cranny, and across to Poowong, etc. over to Leongatha, Mirboo, Boolara and home. But I will be pressed for time...
  14. God dam, a dilemair... The international airshow is on down at Avalon.... but I enjoy rides with you sth gippy lot... shall have to consider my options

    Fuzz :shock:
  15. Hi all,

    Just a reminder that we can always look at modifying the route and/or times slightly. I guess we'll just see what the consensus is.

    Also, being the first ride I've organised, and only the second Netrider ride I will have ever done, I'm not sure what the general way of doing things is. I'm flying by the seat of my pants, so anyone who wants to chip in with thoughts or ideas please do so :grin:
  16. mjt57 wrote
    How'd that happen???

    It's O.K i wasn't on the bike, was driving the ute,some twit from W.A in a hire car drove straight into the side of me;guess they don't have to give way to the right up there. :?
    (Wayne might think differently about the ute though :( )

    Necks feeling better now,need to do some head checks to loosen it up a bit more :grin: :grin:
  17. Andrea, this is how you do it :LOL: I must admit though, that everyone that has been on a Gippy ride have all been helpful. We are all there to enjoy themselves, so it's in our own interests to have a positive input if required :grin:
  18. Hrmm.. ride finishes in Newborough.. Party just around the corner with young girls.... Got any spare sleeping space that night CG? :grin:
  19. Hey yeah, they are about your age youngman. laught30.

    Yeah, seriously, that would be fine :grin:
  20. :( Just remembered i will be working next Saturday :(

    No ride for me :(