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[Vic] Mexicans - Book your next flight to Beirut!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. We bombed out against Beirut!

    Ian Royall
    July 12, 2007 12:00am

    WORSE than Beirut.

    Melbourne's international reputation as a tourist destination has taken a
    blow in a new survey of the world's best cities.

    Melbourne also ranks below Sydney in the awards produced by American
    magazine Travel+Leisure.

    Florence was rated the best city on the planet for the second year in a row.

    Next was Buenos Aires, then Bangkok, Rome and Sydney.

    But Melbourne was out of the top 10, although it ranked second in the listings
    for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

    Melbourne's score of 79.82 points was well below Beirut's 83.75 - and 4.30
    points outside the top 10.

    Readers of the travel magazine scored marks for "authentic experiences" of

    Beirut: Better than Melbourne.

    Each city was also assessed on its sights, culture and arts, restaurants and
    food, people, shopping and value.

    Melbourne's No.1 cheerleader, Lord Mayor John So, said the city's standing
    remained undiminished despite the survey.

    "Melbourne is a popular travel destination and our tourism industry is
    performing well," Cr So said.

  2. Nah, the vote is hopelessly skewed, MG. Half of the people in Sydney's panel-beating industry live in Beirut, when they take their money 'home' and they tipped the vote :LOL:.
  3. True - unlike Lebanon you aren't likely to have serious fire-fights in Melbourne any more - not even in my neighbourhood... :LOL:

    However if we want to give people authentic experiences, I'm sure the Peoples Republic of Moreland ( sorry, I mean Moreland City Council) might be prevailed upon to give some sort of grant to carry out re-enactments of some of Brunswick's more noted shootings. We might have to up the ante a bit and use RPGs instead of pistols though to give it that real edge. :cool:

    And when this new TV mini-series about the local gangsters goes to air soon then that might help - it might compensate for Kick; the crap SBS multi-cultural soap-opera that no-one watches - It's set in my street and I won't even watch it :LOL:
  4. Well, at least I don't think there would be many speed traps in Lebanon for the discerning cracker rider! :LOL: