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[Vic Metro] Smash Repairer Advice

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by jaws, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I had the unfortunate experience of laying my bike down today.
    I am ok, all but some bruising and a twisted ankle.

    However the bike was not so fortunate.
    Luckily I took out full comp before I picked it up last Wednesday.
    As this is my first experience with dealers, I would like any advice / recommendations of repairers, preferable in the North/West of Melbourne.

  2. Jamie, I can't recommend any particular repairer, but I suggest this.....
    :idea: before you make a claim on your insurance, get a quote on the repairs and then decide if its worth claiming. The cost of the excess and the increase to your future insurance policy may be more than the cost to repair. In that case, I'd just pay to repair and not bother claiming, that way next years insurance policy will likely decrease as opposed to increase.
  3. Who you are insured with Jamie?

    You will find that some insurance companies are pickie with who you take your steed to.

    Also, how bad is the damage? If it is small (mirror, leaver, peg and minor body damage) then you'll find your excess will out weigh the cost of the repair if you DIY.

    Also, you've been riding not long, welcome to the world of learning! We all dropped our bike or had a bingle at one time or another so don't beat yourself up, just keep on practicing :)

    Hope you get everything sorted out ok.

  4. I'm with RACV.
    I called them earlier; the girl there advised that I have any choice of repairer.
    Also because I have lifetime rating 1 on the car, I keep this on the bike as well.
    How lucky is that!

    The damage that I can see is:
    Broken Brake lever
    Broken RHS foot peg
    Fairing damage to RHS
    Also looks to be a small amount of cooling fluid leaking.

    I did a good job with a 15km/h slide!
  5. Jamie,

    You'll find that you'll be able to fix that for well under what your excess is.

    Lever / Peg - $80 - $120
    Fairing - Pick up a second hand from a wreckers depending on how bad it is, otherwise a new one - $100 - $350
    Coolant - Service should fix that all being well.

    Although it wont affect your rating, you find that because you claim your premiums will go up about 10 - 20% next year.

    So might be worth saving your pennies and fixing yourself.

    My 2c :)

    Good luck.

  6. Might also find that fixing up your bike youself is both rewarding, and can save money in the future as you learn more and more about your ride.

    Sorry to hear about the accient, happens to us all. Glad you're not too banged up.