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[VIC] Message signs above the Monash Freeway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bosi72, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I sent following email to Vicroads, ArriveAlive, TAC:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is <> and I am a motorbike rider who commute every day on Monash Freeway from South Eastern suburbs to City and back.

    Can you please ask relevant authority to fix two message signs (electronic banners) above the freeway: one before Warrigal rd and another above Burke rd as they are not working at the moment.

    Also, I would very appreciate if you could put some slogans which would remind drivers that there are a motorcycles around: e.g. look for bike, use indicators and head check, etc...

    As a motorbike rider I am very disappointed that lots of drivers are still using mobile phones, some of them drink coffee and some of them are even reading a newspaper while driving (!!!).

    No wonder every then and now we have an accident involving car and motorcycle rider and the outcome is in 99.99% cases fatal for motorcycle.

    Also, I am willing to contribute personally to fixing those message signs.

    Kind regards,
  2. Good on you

    Which signs are they?

    Laughed when I saw your reference to folks reading the paper whilst driving.

    I was riding down Sydney Rd and saw a bloke reading from a prayer book, looking up, muttering to him self then crossing himself. All while driving!

    I reckon if he wants to get close to God he'll be there soon, I just don't want to go with him.

    Oh yes and I gave him some advice using gestures and mime!
  3. How r u going to help fix the signs personally?
  4. "Please find enclosed a copy of my previous financial year tax statement, and a receipt summary for how much I spent on government taxed fuel in a 12 month period.

    I have already personally contributed to the maintenance of those signs unwillingly."
  5. >Which signs are they?
    The message signs used to work couple months ago. Then, one by one pixel was disappearing and at the moment there are only two pixels left :)

    There used to be a message "Wipe off 5" or "Speed kills" or something like that, so I realised why not fix it and put something to remind drivers about motorcyclist.

    >How r u going to help fix the signs personally?
    First I don't know who is the owner, I am just guessing (Vicroads, TAC, ArriveAlive), but could be a Citylink?

    If it is a private company and if they ask for something, that would probably be the money. As my personal safety is paramount, I am willing to donate a reasonable amount to the company who owns the signs.

    Otherwise, Ktulu gave a good answer, however addition to that I can write a letter to some mainstream newspapers with couple good words about particular government agency.
  6. where did you pull that figure from? making statements like that i what will get your letter ignored, while there are fatalities, when it comes to motorcycle vs car incidents, its no where near that figure

    plus your writing to a department that has signs along the hume saying 'microsleeps can kill, power nap now'

    hmmm should i pull over first or keep driving?
  7. good stuff telling them how it is.

    i think for freeways, particularly the monash... too many entrances and exits... then should get rid of half so it doesn't take you so long to use them for what they're there for.
  8. I wrote this letter as a member of public, not as a member of any motorcycle group nor as a politician.

    Everyone knows the difference between 100% and 99.99% and there are no such figure in any statistical survey. Common sense tells that motorcycle is more vulnerable than a car or truck or bus. That remaining 0.01% is pure luck.

    However, the point of this letter is to remind other drivers about motorcycle riders. I didn't ask to introduce more signs, I asked them to fix existing ones and to change wording if possible. I agree too many signs are distracting, however these ones are already there and I assume it is a matter of time when will they be fixed.

    On the other hand please feel free to write your own letter about same topic. I am sure you can do it better as the English is not my first language.

  9. Good on you Bosi! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  10. Good on you mate
    I only thought about it the other day how i hadnt seen a message on them for a while!
    The ones on citylink all work fine of couse!
  11. Well this morning I got a good laugh travelling in from the other side of town
    as I am pillioning at the moment behind Phil I get to look around a fair bit
    this mornings classic was a chick driving along in her blue falcon.....with a sticky note in the middle of the steering wheel
    I amused myself coming up with possible reminders on that sticky note
    'Don't pick nose while driving'
    'try to look normal'
    'use left indicator to turn left, not right'

    Good on you
    I hope a response comes from your email

  12. The signs on citylink did occasionaly have a message such as

    "look out for motorcycles" or something like that

    I was always happy to see them, although judging by the amount of times I used to get cut off on that commute, I may have been the only person reading them!

    Good luck with your letter
  13. Nice little email, They should really do something about that freeway & the southeastern freeway as well, thank god i only need to drive on the eastern freeway theres alot less crazy's & truck drivers.
  14. Good on ya Bosi.

    Will be interesting to see if they bother replying. If they don't but
    the signs have been fixed up next week, we'll all know why eh!

  15. Good suggestion Bossi!

    While on topic of Monash Fwy ( funny name really ) can anyone give me a clue as to why traffic is guaranteed to come to a stop at Ferntree Gully Rd or earlier of an evening...initially I thought because of the eastlink construction, but now road has re-opened, still same....maybe signs should read " keep it moving peoples"