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[VIC] Mentoring Ride, Yarra Blvd, Sun Oct 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Neil Meyers

    Mentoring Ride, Bellbird Picnic Area, Yarra Boulevard, 7th October 2007

    This will be a training day styled event - not too focussed on the higher level aspects of cornering or any of the other activities planned. There will be four small groups rota...

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  2. For the sake of not losing the information to date - copied from the about to be removed thread:

    Miss F (maybe)
    Danielle (Ballius)

    Melways Map 2D J5 shows the picnic area, or go here: http://www.street-directory.com.au/sd_new/mapsearch.cgi and put 2D J5 into the map reference bit - top right.

    Like I said in the other thread, if I have mojo left at the end of the day, I'm happy to get on my hobby horse and talk about roadcraft... In the mean time, this is one of many good threads that touch on roadcraft and will be a good primer: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=389460

    The mentor/Ride leader meetup is looking to be Wednesday night, 26th September at the Grand view hotel - corner of Heidelberg rd and Station streets. Map 30 K12. :)
  3. plus me!!
  4. Yup, sorry 'bout the craptacular maps. Thanks for providing better maps Rob!

    The Bellbird Picnic Area is well sign posted on the Yarra Boulevard as well!

    The format of the day will be as Cambo explained - 4 groups rotating around 4 activities - that way everyone in each group will get a good go at each activity, and the groups will be small enough to get up close and personal, so to speak. It also means we can use a bit less space on the day! :grin:

    All 4 activities will be run by experienced riders who have been pressganged...oops...volunteered to run the activity - there will be one or two people helping out at each activity.

    All 4 groups of new riders will have at least one group leader who will provide a hand guiding folk around, answering questions, and provide a recognisable face/bike/helmet to congregate around so we don't get lost. :wink:

    This format will also depend on numbers - if we only get 10 people turn up, it's pretty pointless splitting into smaller groups!

    If you'd like a copy of the ride notice to print out/snuggle up to at night, PM an email address and I'll send it through! I've provided a jpg version below, with a revised program that'll hopefully make the group rotation a bit clearer...well, as clear as mud!

    Mentoring Ride, Bellbird Picnic Area, Yarra Boulevard, 7th October 2007


    10:00 Arrive, introductions & pre day briefing, Bellbird Picnic Area
    10:30 Activity 1 - Cornering
    11:30 Activity 2 - Slow Speed Manoeuvring
    12:30 BBQ Lunch (BYO)
    13:30 Activity 3 - Picking up a dropped bike and pre ride checks (tech)
    14:30 Activity 4 - Braking
    15:30 Activity 5 briefing at Bellbird Car Park
    15:45 Activity 5 - Repeat/Advanced Session of rider’s choice
    16:30 Home time

    Group Rotation (four groups):
    Time..... 10:30..... 11:30..... 13:30..... 14:30..... 15:30
    Group 1 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 5 (riders’ choice of one activity)
    Group 2 Activity 4 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
    Group 3 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 1 Activity 2
    Group 4 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 Activity 1

    Activity Leaders
    Raven (CBR1100XX)
    Robsalvv (ZX9R)
    Scumbag (ST2)
    Loz (Kwaka)
    Quik Blat (ZX6R)
    Forester_neil (R1150RT)

    Group Leaders
    (For shepherding, guiding, answer questions during the day, give a helping hand and provide an identifiable face/helmet/bike for the group to gravitate to.)
    Templemonkey (2 wheels)
    Pinkxie (CBR600RR)
    Titus (unconfirmed)
    Whippet (VTR250)
    Cambo (VTR250)
    Voyager (XV1600)

    Confirmed Attendees:
    Yian Spada
    Sweeris CBR250RR
    Trinity GPX250
    Nibor VTR250
    Dogo Suzuki Intruder
    Fun-times-4-all Across
    Dazza139 VTR250
    Moochie CBR250RR
    Eugene CBR60RR
    Manya GSX250F
    Rabbit GPX250
    Donski1 VTR250
    Poweraddict R1
    Opal VTR250
    Hippo VT250 Spada
    MissF Intruder 250
    Danielle ZR250 Ballius
    Nin ZZR250
    GreyBM R100RT (Another BMW!)
    davesta TRX850
    K a r e n ?????
    MStamos ?????
    Kerrie ?????
    Makovitza Afternoon only
    Flea Across


    Don't forget - it's a BYO BBQ, and I'd suggest bringing water (water, 2 undercover bbq plates and toilets are at the picnic area) and some light snacks to nibble on in between.



    (Edit 24/9/07 - Updated confirmed attendees - added Tomatopaste, dasheroneau, greybm, and added hippo's bike)
  5. Mentors/Group Leaders Meeting

    Looks like the general consensus is Wednesday evening, 26th September at the Grand View Hotel (and I'm in Colac Tuesday/Wednesday anyway...yay!)

    How's 7:30pm sound, so a counter meal can be had if required, or just a beer and a chat? Hope everyone can make it!


  6. I'm working til 8:30pm that night (in Hampton) so I'm betting I'll have to miss the whole thing. However, I'm hoping my 2 representatives (thanks Raven and Whippet :wink: ) will fill me in.
  7. Drat...Now I'll have to take notes...I bags Caroline's share of the booze! :p

  8. Can we not talk about beer...until tomorrow? I'm still suffering from "ITLAPD after work drinks"...serves me right...I should remember early meetings before I get home at 3.....but then, hey, public service - perfect place to recover! :LOL:

    It all seems to be falling together remarkably well...so when is the sh!t going to hit the fan?


  9. But Neil...

    What could possibly go wrong?




  10. Wednesday is the better day for me to get to the meeting for mentors or is that mentals :LOL:
  11. Well i will be at this one since i wasn't allowed at the other on :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Learning how to ride of course
  12. 7:30pm sounds like the go.

    With Caroline's apology, does that make like 10-ish folk attending?

    Oh and Pnut, the training wheels have to be removed before you can join in... so that counts you out mate, sorry. :LOL:

    ...so who said you can't ride??? :?
  13. fcuking Ducati rider of all people :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I'll leave me training wheels at home so long as i can ride with my stand down so i don't fall over... Ok Rob? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. :LOL: @ PNUT. Ok mate. You can come :)

    Hey, on an unrelated topic, there's a current thread about VTR's vs ZX9R's. I think your input would be worthwhile. Keep an eye out for it.

    OK, to serious stuff.

    Mentors/ride leaders - your thoughts are required.

    I can see me talking cornering (vision, steering input/position, throttle control) for about 15-20minutes and then heading off into the booolivard to demo/put into practice.

    How should we handle the ride bit?

    I'd like to propose we adopt the stayupright technique for whenever we go into the vard to put the lessons in practice.

    Basically get your group of noobs, lead them through a lap of the vard demonstrating the basic lesson. On the return lap, drop to second spot and follow a noob (with the rest of your noobs behind you in tow) looking at their technique. At the end of the lap, debrief the followed rider. They then drop to the back of the gaggle and another noob assumes lead position. Away you go on another lap watching the lead rider, debriefing them at the end and repeating process till everyone's had a go or two.

    This seems to be the best way to my mind, but I still see three problems. 1/ Nervous noobs from being followed 2/ U turns!! and 3/ delivering constructive criticism.

    Or should the noobs be left to lap on their own with the new info in their head without experienced riders circulating??

    Oh, since it's a public road, there's a better than fair chance non NR bikes will jump on the vard. Anyone dead against putting a strip of colour tape on tail lights or similar to "identify" our mob??

  15. i right for wednesday night see you there.
    if we utilise the leaders with the groups there should be enough ralling points that we shouldnt lose anyone.
  16. Sounds good!...can I join in? :grin:

    Sounds like the way to do it. That way everyone will get a bit of one-on-one style appraisal of their riding, and learn from the others as well. Since each group will have a group leader, they may be best going as TEC for the duration. If the U-turns are a worry, new riders can 'walk' their bikes around (but since there are loads of wide sections, it shouldn't be that necessary! Either that or Raven's not doing his job with the slow riding bit!! :LOL: )

    I have some old coupe marking tape - it's non-stick and BRIGHT blue - We could tie that to bikes and/or riders....I won't mention what else the old logging tape has been used to tie up, though! :p :wink:



    PS Just updated the the calender with the current names of those confirmed to attend!
  17. Fear not, Rob...my guys will be experts at U-turns by the time I am finished with them! :p :grin:
  18. And if not....at least they'll know how to pick their own bikes up! :LOL:
  19. All sounds fair enough to me Rob...Good system of rotation and control.
    And having the "minders" run TEC as Neil suggested would be a good idea. Especially since it's a public road etc.
    It's not a long ride, but the real beginners might like the comfort of knowing that someone is back there behind them.
  20. Note to self...better make sure Neils bit is before my bit. :p (so everyone can help pick MINE up) :shock: :LOL: