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[Vic] Melbourne Storm and Flooding tonight

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Freeform, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Guys if for some reason you check this before BOM, or you didn't realise a massive storm is smashing us in the CBD right now, I wouldn't head out on the bikes tonight as I can guarantee there is gonna be some flash flooding and its pretty squally out there.
    Hail has been warned as well but I think its just gonna be heavy rain/lightning.

    Provides a semi accurate forecast map as of now.

    If your out, get home.
  2. Just starting to kiss the roof in Dandy. I'm looking forward to going to sleep now, too damn hot out here.
  3. Yeah its cooled down majorly over the past 30 minutes here in the city, should waft up your way in another 30
  4. It's dry where I am. Just came from a ride.
  5. Seems that only the CBD and surrounds is copping the heavy rains. That's nice for a change, country Victoria's already had more than it's fair share of rain this year.
  6. Yeah it 'was' on the vector in the map, not sure where its going now, most of it has passed and I would assume its heading in that general direction.
    Just beware there is a fast moving rogue storm somewhere... :)
  7. Irymple (Mildura) still has about 20 houses under water from last Fridays downpour.

    The problem is the water has no where to drain to.

    The Murray hasn't really gone up yet either as the upstream flooding hasn't got that far as yet.