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[Vic - Melb] WOM recommendations for Tradey/services

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Positive word of mouth is the best advertising...

    I'm located in Melbourne's West, and I'm looking for recommendations for the followings services:

    Curtains (Roman blinds)
    Landscaping/Landscape design
    Pergolas (aluminium/steel)
    Concrete stamping
    Painting (interior/exterior)

    Put ya post and experience here, or email me at: robsalvv at yahoo dot com

    Thanks very much in advance. :)

  2. I can help you with a sparky. When are you looking at the work being done? What's needed? Shoot me an email bro and I'll make a phone call for you.

    (mates rates too) :wink:
  3. Will do.

    I have a couple simple odds and ends Electrician jobs, probably aimed at end Jan... I'm doing some leg work for them now. :cool:
  4. They look deluxe! Definitely will chat to them. Thanks Cam.
  5. Spot Light in Braybrook will come out and measure for free and once you pick the material will install them.
  6. Hey Rob

    My brother runs http://www.instantproperty.com.au/

    He has a stack of tradies (I think he said 300 different trades - from sparky to one guy who only cleans ovens!) who do stuff for him and they all have to meet quality stanard to be able to work for him.

    While I haven't experienced any of their work personally give them a call. The bloke to speak to is Don. Let him know you are a friend of mine and he may give you a better rate.

    While they are based in Geelong they service all over the state.

    Have fun!

    WGM - Warwick Merry (Can't say you are a friend if you don't know my name!)
  7. Thanks folks... appreciate the recommendations (some on pm's too). :)

    I'm gonna be busy!
  8. I am I allowed a mechnical recommendation? Anyway Belgrave South Motors cheap, but good service.Normal is about 70.00 Full 160.00. He is also an ex Peter Stevens Mechanic and Motor bike racer. He also does Whipper Snippers & lawn mowers. Good bloke,loves a chat and a Jim Beam
  9. I know an electrician Rob.. So if Dougz mate isnt able to help, let me know..

    Landscape design, want me to have a look for you.. Not a landscaper by no means, but go alright in the garden and have done a couple of simple low maintenance jobs for friends..

    Painter and decorator, good idea getting someone to do that..

    Blinds, we have used Victory on 2 occasions and am very impressed with price, service and after sales service..

    Pergola, well maybe i can give you some ideas if you want me to take a look at garden.. Otherwise, i have heard stratco do a pretty good job. Although you need to be very wary of how its being attached to house..

    Concrete stamping, hmmm there are companies who can do stuff over existing concrete.. Dont go to Driveseal or you will faint at the price..
    Or is it going to be all new concrete ??
    Anyway whats the story there, you are a wog arent ya, you should be a natural concreter.. :p :LOL:
  10. concrete sucks! go for stamped/coloured Asphalt! :LOL:
    it doesnt matter if it isnt appropriate for what you need :grin:
    i am biased though ;)
  11. hey rob check out www.womow.com.au

    it might help. it's people giving feedback on different businesses
  12. More recommendations! I can see my bank balance will be in free fall soon. Cool.

    The landscaping will be a full project, whole back yard, watering system, with a sail clothed BBQ area - possibly on a simulated decking, rain tank, fully tiled area under pergola which includes a water feature... and the front yard is targetted for a fresh up or major do over too... oh and it all needs to be minimum maintenance!

    So I'm looking for a mob to design the whole lot.

    I need to get the pergola up and running first though... and the concrete stamping/painting could be in lieu of the tiled area... see how the budget stretches - but there's a botched slate look (concrete stamped) driveway that needs some TLC.

    Blue, I got the impression that Victory and Kresta type curtain mobs were pricey... I've organised to get two quotes from two other WOM's recomendations... I might give Victory a go based on your suggestion.
  13. We built way out in the Northern suburbs, but on recommendation from someone else, we used David Rice Interiors (showroom in Hoppers Crossing) for our blinds and shutters. Very impressed with the service and quality, and the price was definitely cheaper than Victory or Kresta.

    We got slightly slightly see-through rollers and roman blinds on most windows, so we could get filtered light (and be able to see out without people being able to see in) or total blockout depending on our need. Even with 2 blinds on most windows, the price was good!

    For our driveway we got slate-look cement and are very happy with the finish. Forgot the name of the company but the guy's name is Daniel, and number is 0407 353 890. From memory it was something like $55/sq m, which was cheaper than a couple of others quoted for un-patterned simple coloured concrete.

    Butz. :beer:
  14. Thanks Butzull - going to give David Rice a buzz.

    Folks, Spotlight Werribee, in my case at least, have failed to provide a quote for curtains even after they came out on site to measure and have not responded to my left messages! Make of that what you will.

    I'm really keen to get some WOM recomendations for pergola names and numbers... I think I'll put up a seperate post though.

    Thanks :)