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[VIC] Melb To Bendigo, Sat Sep 23rd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jamie

    Meeting: (TBC) Possibly Calder Park @ 9:30 for 10am departure.

    Route to be finalised in ride event forum.
    Possibly: Melbourne – Kyneton – Metcalf – Bendigo – Maldon – Castlemaine – Kyneton – Melbourne.

    Please have a full tank of fu...

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  2. Might be interested in this one. I really have to go visit my folks, just have to check if they will be home first though.
  3. yep count me in at this stage...subject to change though.

    sounds like a nice learners ride. :)
  4. Could be a very nice way to run the bike in and get myself back into the swing of things..... don't see any reason why i shouldn't be there

    cheers stewy
  5. I'm interested in doing part of the run, perhaps meeting you at Kyneton.
  6. We'll i'll be joining in at Kyneton too.

    plenty of coffee places in Kyneton. :)
  7. Yeah I might be interested in meeting up in Kyneton as well. The Kat needs new tyres and this ride seems the perfect opportunity to scrub in a new set :).
  8. count me in for sure, unless the weather is crap! At this stage, big GREEN light :grin:
  9. i get about 100k's out of a tank before i start looking to fill up.. push to about 120/130.. i think id end up being the guppy on the sde of the road with and empty tank.
  10. only 100???? thats bad mate.... i get over 200 out of the Spada...

    anyway there are towns off the highway you can fill up at if needed, Sunbury, Gisborne, Woodend etc.
  11. Unless the weather turns ugly, this is defiantly on.

    I was planning a short stop in Kyneton.
    Time enough to stretch and meet up with Drew.
    (and fill up, for those that need too)

    Drew, Pick a Place in town to meet.

    ZXR & JD, Happy to meet you in Kyneton.
    The more the merrier.

    Ronin, there are plenty of places to fill up on this ride.
  12. Well how about a coffee at my place??

    easy to find no danger of cars knocking over bikes etc

    i'll post a map if this is ok with everyonne..... give me a day or so to find one... the online map places don't show kyneton too well.
  13. jaws.. is plenty gunna get me round the trip.. i dont mind coming, but i dont think there is gunna be anyone that will be able to pillion me to a servo for fuel is all im worried about haha..

    put me down as a maybe ATM..
  14. Ronin I'm sure you'll be fine, but if you run out I can pillion you to a servo... Bandit 1200's are good pillion bikes :)
  15. mate stick a jerrycan in the hand bag and you should be set to go.

    I might be able to make this... or part of the Roadtrip ride... decisions... decisions... :-k
  16. maybe plastic line the handbag and use it as a hoog reserve. lol
  17. yeah i've got a few spare garbo bags here if ya need em :p
  18. Sound good to me!
  19. Map time..


    place is marked with a red X.... pm me for the exact address, or look for the bikes when you arrive.

    it's great coffee place, and even has yummy cakes and bickies as well :)

    so guess i'd better let the Mrs know your lot are all coming :LOL:
  20. What's happening with this ride?

    If the weather is okay I might come along.

    What's the meeting point and time?