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[Vic] Melb to Ballarat Thurs 16/3

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Leaving Fairfield 10.30 sharp
    Meet point is Ampol servo corner station street and seperation
    route to be decided later tonight (if i get company Ill make it interesting on teh way there, if not Ill just go hwy)
    suggestions for route welcomed.

  2. One option would be to head North from Ballan through Greendale to Trentham - then through Daylesford/Creswick to Ballarat (fun bit of road). As for Melbourne to Bacchus - I've tried finding a more interesting route than the Western Highway but haven't found one yet, though did make in interesting detour down the Old Calder Highway through Sunshine once (yeah I was lost).
    Edit: Could also do Bacchus Marsh through Macedon to Trentham, bit further but more fun. Oh and I should be able to meet up in Bacchus/Ballan for the run into Ballarat.
  3. bummer eswen
    why you make it like on thursday this week why not next week??
    im working tomorrow.. :cry:
  4. this week im on holidays next week im not.
  5. Another option is to detour through Bacchus Marsh and then through Glenmore (great little stretch of road - take it easy on the big hill). Take a right at the T, you can then rejoint the highway at Ballan, or take the turn to Mt Egerton, Yendon and Ballarat via either Warrenheip or Buninyong.
  6. Damn... aside from work, the bike is due at the mechanics by 5pm to be serviced and have a few mods done. If it was just work I could pike early with a "headache" and come along.
  7. ok well have talked to the boss and Im now leaving 10.45 sharp (ouch :cry:) with arrival time 1pm... route still being considered but im guessing ill just take the hwy there and make it interesting on the way back.

    Meet point is the same, but as Im meeting parent in brat, its a case of make your own way home, or else bum around ballarat exploring the roads for awhile and leave when i do. but i think parting ways will be simpler.
  8. You'll have a clear run on the Western Hwy from Caroline Springs all the way to Ballarat. No fixed speed cameras.
  9. No but be wary of the gold Holden Rodeo speed camera that basically lives along that stretch of road. They especially love setting up near the bottom of the hill in the 100kph section (where they're well hidden), so many people just coast down there still sitting on 110 that they must make a fortune out of that one.
  10. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Where is this hill you're talking about :?: Does the Rodeo usually stay on the side towards Ballarat or away :?:

    I didn't see any Rodeos on Sunday, and I'm always on the look out for speed cameras. Hopefully it had a day off on Sunday because if it didn't I'm stuffed.
  11. The last stretch of road into Ballarat changes to 100kph before going downhill (just after the Kryal Castle turnoff). There's a small side road halfway down with a bit of a clearing just after it (used to be a stall that sold strawberries) - they love setting up there. It was set up on Monday, this time on the other side of the Highway (facing towards Melbourne) just near the Gordon overpass. The 80 zone near Brewery Tap road is another place I've seen 'em regularly, of course they also set up in Ballarat itself (in the usual revenue raising locations). I think at least 50% of the time I do Melbourne-Ballarat I see a speed camera or cop car set up.
  12. I'll just feel happy 'till I receive it, if anything, in the mail.
  13. well that was fun :(
    I didnt see any cameras near brat, and was looking out for them in their usual spots... almost got caught near melton though :shock:
  14. hehehehe

    :grin: MELTON very dangerous,u should hav d toured to bacchus marsh :grin:
  15. Yeah great riding weather out there at the moment :shock: - went out for a ride on my own since I'm obviously not worthy to ride in your presence :p :LOL:.
  16. pfft loser. I almost sent you an sms but assumed you would be working

    I caught a few showers there and back :( stopped at an opp shop to buy another jumper!!
  17. Yeah I was working, but I never let that get in the way of going for a ride :grin:. Lucky you only caught showers, I copped hail - really small, really sharp hail.
  18. yeah i did get a little bit of hail too :( I thought it was just sharp rain untill i opened my visor for a second :shock:
  19. lol @ sharp rain..Please explain how water in liquid form can be sharp :LOL: :p
  20. well... you know... when its like just hard rain... and stuff...

    well sometimes it rains pins and needles ok!! :LOL: