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[VIC - Melb] Honda CBR600RR 2007 - blue (deposit received)

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Pinx, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Yes, I've been quiet on here of late. This is why... I haven't been able to ride, and I've been trying not to focus on it. However, the time has come...

    BIKE: Honda CBR600RR 2007
    $10,200 no neg

    Immaculate condition - absolutely treasured.
    One owner – female.
    Never crashed or dropped.
    Serviced 1000km ago.
    New tyres fitted at last service – Pirelli Diablo Corsa III.
    Scheduled services by Honda recorded in service book.
    Oil/filter changes every 3000km.
    Limited edition colors.
    Factory warranty still applies.
    Never been on a track.
    Always garaged.
    Tinted bubble screen, and crash knobs.
    Tank protector.
    Reflective blue wheel trims.
    Spare key with original bike ID number.
    RWC included.

    Incredible bike. Better than I imagined possible. Fitted me like a glove. Extremely sad to sell, but unrelated neck issues make wearing a helmet aggravating, and as my car is ready for upgrade I need to invest in that.

  2. :( I share your pain.

    Sensational bike peeps.
  3. This bike is fkg HOT!!!!

    So sorry you have to sell Pinx :(

    This is one treasured bike.
  4. So sorry to hear you need to sell the RR Caroline, neck issue must be painful for you to have to do this :cry:
    Immaculate bike! someone is gonna grab themselves a true GEM!
  5. I own exactly the same bike and can attest to it's sheer awesomeness in both performance and in colour. You must buy this bike. Caroline, let me know how much you get for it so I can price mine up in a couple of months :(
  6. Pitty you gotta sell the bike Caroline, it is gorgeous. Such a shame your neck issues didn't sort themselves out :cry:

    Hope the bike goes to a good home though
  7. Wow. Sorry to hear that neck problems have been preventing you from riding Caroline. That must be crushing. I was wondering where you were.

    I hope you get a good price for the bike. If I was serious about doing track days, I might buy it. But for the road, the Multistrada is best.

    Chin up though, and wishing you a pain free life, or recovery, if that is possible.
  8. Thanks for your support guys.

    I rode him for the first time in months last weekend. It took me back to just how incredibly awesome it is to ride. My neck has improved enough to ride at least every now and then, and if it wasn't for finances I'd keep him for sure. So if he doesn't sell very bloody quickly I'll probably take it as a sign and keep him! Somehow...

    Ok fate, it's in your hands :wink:
  9. 'm selling mine too now Pinx, but as we both have the same bike I'll wait till yours has gone before I advertise mine.
  10. I'm half tempted to tell em all to back off, but that would be cheating fate eh?

  11. Its nice to hear that you've improved Pinx. Good luck with your sale. :)
  12. The bike will have a new home soon
  13. You lucky lucky lucky b*stard.
  14. Ha ha... making your mark, Gags? :) Don't worry, as agreed the bike sale's on hold for 2 weeks for you to come up with the goods...

    Bike sold - payment pending :p
  15. In that case, best to keep the thread open so that other potential buyers can register interest...

    'gratz and commiserations Princess Pinx.
  16. Sorry to see it go to a new home Caroline when you're just rediscovering the joy of it! Hope you recover to be able to ride again, then John can give you the Blade and he can upgrade :LOL:

    Just on Rob's note: other potential buysers may be interested in Dougz bike which should be up for sale soon-ish. It's the same as Pinx but with a few more carbon and aftermarket bits 'n pieces
  17. Spewing you had to sell Caroline :(
  18. Just waiting on you Caroline. The money train has arrived
  19. Yes, I'll post when all is finalised to then close the thread. Thanks :) And yes, it is both good news and sad. You'd better look after him, Gags!

    Erm.. yeah... I might have already taken the blade for a feeler ride on the spur... had to see if I could ride it on more than just a freeway - yep :) It was far from pretty, but certainly potential there. And let's just say that the power was somewhat addictive :grin:

    Tell me about it. Still, as above, there's John's bike. I've told him he's not allowed to sell it. I have to at least have access to a bike!

    For anyone watching... it looks like it should now happen Fri 7th/Sat 8th Aug (or whenever things clear), but will confirm on this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.