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[VIC] (Melb) Cup eve BBQ, Mon Nov 6th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rolla (Dave)

    As last years cup eve BBQ seemed popular, we thought we would have another one. So come along to HQ for a BBQ and to catch up with other Netriders while having a drink or three. There are the usual spare beds, and as per usual, first in best dressed.

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  2. I might come along to this one, but i wont be dressed.

  3. Luckily for some it's walking distance to roll home :p
  4. I'll most likely be there :)

    Dibs on a bed... :p
  5. Yeh I've got no excuses. Hopefully some-one will walk me home and sing with me.
    I sound great when I'm drunk.
    Jen, I may pop something on for the night, still not warm enough for a nudie-run. :LOL:
  6. Nudie-run? :?

    I was thinking a Nudie-sit-there-and-drink .... or was that just me :LOL:
  7. Sunday

    :shock: :? :roll: :roll: :LOL: - not in relation to your post Booga...this board is the pits at times!
  8. Hmmm...I shall try my hardest to get to this. Will see what I can organise. :) Let you know later in week.
  9. put me down as a maybe :)
  10. sounds like a done deal! put me down as a yes
  11. Its so far for me to go for a late one. If I can bag a bed I'm in. Too far to hike home after a big one.

    I'll be coming dressed.
  12. :rofl:

    Sorry Flipper/Rolla, I think I've started something I can't finish.

    You said 'best dressed'
    I thought you meant, it's best if we're dressed!

    I expect to get my first warning soon!


  13. Now I look like an idiot..
  14. Nooooo yah don't Jen, I'm still taking the piss.

    If you actually turned up starkers, then...well...probably not even then!

    That would make 3.......so far.
  15. Re: Sunday

    Pits eh? Well you still keep coming back for more, and where would you be without it :grin:
    Besides the safer state of mind :LOL:
  16. Re: Sunday

    + a cleaner house

    + kids with full bellies

    + a happy labrador

    + oh.....just a million other things that I seem to be neglecting since buying a bike/discovering this place/getting Ls. :LOL:
  17. The Naked Chef?? :LOL:

    Cup Eve - I think everyone should wear something a little 'racy' for the occassion!! :rofl:
  18. So what's the location of this BBQ??
  19. So what's the location of this BBQ??