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[VIC] Melb Cup Day Twisty Ride (6th Nov)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Late notice, so no calendar event - sorry.

    I've got leave to go riding tomorrow, instead of watching the nags. So, who's up for a ride?

    Meet point:
    Safeway Fuel+/Caltex Servo, next to McDonalds
    47 Clyde Rd, Berwick
    Melways Ref: Map 111, C10
    Click here for map

    Meet time: 9:30am meet, for a 10am departure

    Route: Am thinking through the Beaconsfield Hills, to Pakenham, then to Longwarry, Jindivick, Neerim, Powelltown, Warburton, Reefton Spur, Lake Mountain, then Marysville, and on to Healesville area.

    NB: This route is not really well suited for learner riders. Consider this a "Class 4" ride (Experienced riders)
  2. Yes - this ride is still on!
  3. This ride sounds good, anybody else interested?
  4. It's okay - I don't bite. :grin:
  5. flux how long does this ride take, i gotta be at work at 2pm
  6. I'm definately up for a ride tomorrow, but might be pushing it on that one - sounds a little long considering I'm about to head to the pub tonight.


  7. LOL, I didn't think you were going because you said to disregard your post!

    Tara & I are keen to go.

    Tara is on a CBR600F4i, she has had it a week so may be a bit tentative, I'm on a ZX7R (big old heavy, under powered bike).

  8. LOL - Edited that 2nd post - yes - the ride's still on.

    I'm on a super-sport class bike too. The ZX7R would have more power than I.
  9. :)
  10. If you work in Healesville, we might be back in time. :grin:

    It'll be one full tank of fuel from Berwick to Healesville. Probably looking at around 3hrs, including a 15min stop in between, so if you worked in Melbourne's north-east, you could be back in time for work if you rode straight to work.

    From Healesville, we'll likely have a bit of a play in that area (Myer's Creek, Chum Creek, Toolangi, Mt Slide, etc), depending on what people want to do.
  11. :( I was gonna come but I gotta be back in Dandenong to get ready for work around 1pm, I cant be late!
  12. You could still come for the first half. We'll loop back to Yarra Junction mid-way, and we'll be there by around 11:30 at the latest, and from there it's about a 40minute ride back to Dandenong, and full of nice winding roads for you along the way.
  13. I guess I will see you at maccas at 8.30ish :)
  14. Would like to go but I'm studying for an exam on Wednesday. :(
  15. Uh, 9:30ish, you meant? Otherwise you'll be waiting a while.
  16. Oh yeah! Extra sleep :)
  17. might see you guys at the road house.
  18. thanks for a gr8 day
  19. Yeap thanks for a great half-day everyone, hopefully we do another soon :)
  20. You're welcome guys. Thanks for coming along!