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[VIC] Melb CBD Police blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just a heads up, this document here speaks about the cops doing a blitz on exhaust noise.

    From the 20th of April to the 1st of May, if you have a loud pipe, steer clear of the CBD.....

  2. eeek I live in there!
  3. When are they going to launch 'Operation F***wit' where they target people who are actually behaving in an antisocial manner?

    *sigh*... I'm going to go lie down before my brain explodes.
  4. Looks like my bike will stay parked during that time.
  5. That would piss u off big time. What about all the fights and bottle attacks in the CBD on the weekends. When is the Operation for that going to start.
  6. Hm. I wonder if my pipe is "loud". It passed a roadworthy for me to buy it, so it should be ok, right?
  7. What time you reckon the coppers will be patrolling the CBD? Bit nervous to ride to the city (Uni) especially since I just got an EPA notice a few weeks ago ...
  8. Amazing how they can find resources for this terrible terrible terrible terrible noise issues especially with sportz bikes........
    Much more important than the drunken violence, punch ups, stabbings, etc most nights.

    Oh that's right!!
    Noise means fines whereas all the other stuff requires real effort and some officers may get hurt...
    Hmmm, but of course it's not revenue is it now???
  9. Guess that wheelie tonight wasn't a good idea down william street................... :/
  10. :rofl:

    Hey brownyy, you've heard my CBR, you reckon there's anything to worry about with my pipe?
  11. There were no less than 3 motorcycle cops along Kings Way out of the city tonight! 8-[
  12. ..stinking pigs gorging themselves in this pen of a police state!.. saw 3 bike cops in cranbourne the other day.. 1 marked , 2 undercover.. i'm moving to germany.. **** this country.. it's gone to the dogs!
  13. Any word on whether they will be targeting tail tidys / fender eliminators as well?
    I suspect they will come under some degree of scrutiny if they can't ping you for your pipe
  14. Seems they will try and find any way to issue some kind of ticket !
    Just when I plan on returning to Melbourne (after 15yrs of absence) all these 'good' things continue to emerge..hmm. Won't let any of it bother me.....pr*$%s.
  15. Do you think a yoshimura on a cbr600 08 would fail the test ?
  16. Quite honestly, no. A mate's 04 has a similar aftermarket can and frankly it's still pretty quiet. My stock standard twin is much louder.
  17. I'll be screwed if they do, I have both :(
  18. I thought of that too so put back the extra plastic fender I cut off for a few weeks. When I trimmed my fender I did so it could be reattached if needed.

    On the can, I picked a round megacycle can rather than an oval one and removed the magacycle sticker so it looks similar to the stock. Ken gave me a bung (silencer) so I've also put that in for a while.
    I may leave it in though, yes it's quieter but I think gives a nicer note for some reason..
  19. I've been warning every rider I see with a loud pipe when I'm at a light with 'em. Community service, ya know?