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[VIC] [Melb] Blood Donation Drive Sunday 9th August

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Robsalvv

    Background info here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=67035&highlight=

    10:40am, 9th August, Red cross Blood bank at Southbank, cnr of Balston and Kavanagh Streets.

    Come and feel part of the community and donate blood.

    All the...

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  2. Belgium Beer Cafe... you push biker you! hehe:LOL:

    will be there, depending on me bike's status on the day.
  3. I'm interested. Do you need a definite answer for booking or is it 'just pitch up and donate'?
  4. Pink Angel is organising and I think she needs numbers by the friday before.

    Penny, hope your bike is up and running. :)
  5. I definately need the numbers before the event as they keep the appointments free for us.
    If you do not turn up, that is the spot another person who wished to give blood is wasted.

    It would be beter to have more turn up than not enough.
    At this stage we have 22 appointments marked to us.
  6. Ok, I'll commit - put me down as confirmed :)
  7. They won't let me donate.

    Something about living in the UK in the early eighties and being
    married to a mad cow....
  8. Mark me down as a definite.
  9. Same, except for the cow :p

  10. Haha yeah I can't donate blood either.. I have Thrombophilia yayyy!
  11. As advised on fb Rob, I only just gave blood so can't donate again until September. However the Belgium Beer Cafe sounds like a good fallback...

    So I might rock up afterwards and meet y'all there...
  12. Guye777,

    Mate, just make sure in that case they don't make you donate beers at the Belgian Beer Cafe !

    Oops..did I say that out aloud ? :cool:
  13. might be in

    gotta check when i can, but think i should be ok to come down, will confirm by midweek, normally donate at airport west,
  14. Cool. Looks like we'll have some folks :)
  15. Mate I should be able to make it, and i'll try and drag Luke along too if he's still floating around.
  16. Sounds good :)

    :?: Any more takers???
  17. As per ben's post above.

    Anyone know the time limit for tats and giving blood? I think i got my last one about 11 months ago.... Definately before September last year. Was approx July i think.

    If i'm cool to give blood, i'll ride in with Ben and give all I can :)
  18. 12 months for a tattoo
  19. August 14th was my last tat...

    Reckon I'll be allowed to donate? I'd be like 6 days off being the full 365 days....
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