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[VIC] (Melb) Annual NYE party at HQ, Wed Dec 31st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    Annual New Years Eve party at HQ

    Date : Wednesday 31st December
    Time: 7pm - late
    BYO - Drinks
    nibbles, party hats, blowers party stuff (optional)

    Hopefully the weather will be fine. We may have it on the roof like NYE we have had in previo...

    ... more

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  2. Nominations for the end of year Netrider awards are........

    *will be filled in as nominations are posted*

    1. Longest distance to NYE @ HQ
  3. I'm looking forward to it
  4. We will be there. Boobies or no boobies :LOL: 48 degrees while camping at Confest and a 6 month year old baby is tantamount to neglect bordering on torture and not our idea of fun :?
  5. I put our bed request on facebook but I guess I should mention it here, thanks Deb. :)

    What's this about boobies Ken? Sounds like you're bringing confest to HQ and I like the idea. :LOL:
  6. Last NYE at HQ was a blast. I'm looking forward to it again this year.
  7. I will bring vodka jellies again this year :p (as long as we have not moved to Warrnambool already, coz that would be a long drive with vodka jellies!)
  8. Yay for jelly shots!!!! :dance: :dance: :beer:
    They were awesome last year. Might make some jelly CUPS this year
  9. Posting this for PNUCKLE...........

    This year there will be awards and things given to nominees that make it to HQ for the new years eve party.

    Nominations can be for anything that has to do with this site wether it be from rides or posts. To be eligable for a prize you need to attend the party

    Let the nominations begin


    (2nd post has been edited to include the nominations)
  10. I smell trouble.
  11. I think I must win most absent member then? What do I get? What do I get? :)
  12. I reckon you should get longest distance travelled to the party too ;-)
    PNUCKLE is organising the prizes, so I have no idea what you will get :shock:
  13. I'll be there :)

    OMG deb i just read your sig for the first time... BAHAHHAHA love it!!!
  14. Count me in for this too :grin: .
    Be good to catch up with those I haven't seen in a while. :beer:
  15. Forecast for the rest of Wednesday

    Isolated showers tending more widespread over eastern suburbs. Showers clearing by the afternoon. A mostly cloudy morning with sunny breaks developing in the afternoon. Winds west to southwesterly averaging up to 35 km/h.

    Looking like the skies will remain clear for the night :grin:

    Just a heads up: There is a speed camera on Police rd opposite the crematorium. Dunno if he will still be there in a few hours but consider yourselves warned :wink:
  16. We'll be there for a coupla hours :)
  17. see you all tonight :beer:
  18. Getting a few PM's and stuff but I'm not gonna be round the laptop much tonight :wink:
    If you need the address, my number is 131166

    Vic, Jase...I am gonna delete the number in the morning so don't stress :wink:
  19. Any shenanigans Flip? :smileysex: :blackeye: :bannanabutt: or just usual :beer: :woot: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: and a few more :beer: till wee twilight hours. Place still standing I hope Deb :grin:
  20. Just barely, nothing that a few cable ties can't fix :LOL: :LOL:

    I went to bed to the sounds of a party. I woke to the aftermath of a warzone :shock: