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[VIC] Media Release - New Road Safety Strategy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pro-pilot, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/News/MediaReleaseRoadSafetyStrategy/
    Seems a bit ambitous!

  2. Still no extensive mandatory driver training. :roll:
  3. Heres a helpfull hint for mr bumby,teach cagers to do headchecks and check there mirrors properly,cost nothing benefits heaps :grin:
  4. Background: my father is a doc: general practitioner in Sydney.

    "Oh, you definitely go to get a blood test for a proper Blood Alcohol Concentration reading. Those breathalyzer things have been out by as much as 0.05 in clinical trials."


    So the cops cut up someone's license by the road as soon as they blow 0.1?

    Oh good...
  5. LOL what Brumby forgets to mention is that modern vehicles are brilliant in crash situations, oh and there are many other features that also reduce the chances of even having a crash ABS etc. As has been stated a million times before education and training are the only factors that will save lives and or minds :? :grin:
  6. Its going to be impossible to police the passenger restrictions on P-Platers. Unless police start pulling over every P-Plater with more than one passenger.

    Also, the drink-driving, the change is just reducing the Section 51 notice from 0.15 to 0.10. (Immediate licence cancellation)
  7. Victoria will have a very hard time mandating technical features like ESC and side curtain airbags unless it becomes a national (ADR) requirement.

    Indeed, I'd stick my neck out and say that, under current legislative circumstances, they can't.

    This sounds like typical political b*llocks that's been released without reference to many of the Agencies involved.
  8. You will still have to blow 0.10 back at the station or on the bus when they do the secondary screening. They know the handheld breathos are only a screening device. All they do is weed out those who definitely aren't drunk.

    I think it is pretty poor form from the netrider group that when a state government that is SO fond of speed cameras and enforcement brings out a new road safety strategy that doesn't focus in any way on speed, that they still cop a bagging. Even if you think there is more that could have been done such as additional mandatory training, a little nod of the head for not focusing on speed wouldn't go astray.
  9. I agree with Greg. Although the efforts I feel are misplaced, the one thing I am happy to see is the 0.1 change.

    I was coming home from work the other evening, 7.30pm, got stopped at a RBT station. There was only one person there, so I asked if they were short staffed. Nah she replied, the others are dealing with the offenders. Offenders at 7.30pm? Yup, they'd found 3 in 30 minutes. FFS, when will people learn?
  10. so I should give props to the fact that "If" I get booked for speeding only 3k over don't forget!, that they are going to bend me over and fcuk me with 6 inches and not the whole 9...whats wrong with me I just need to grit my teeth and think of England.

    Brumby/Bracks Labour clone or whatever you are, your new road safetly policy is is my opinion a joke, you punish all p platers, you bring in absurd laws for side bags and ESP as being madatory(unless done nationally why bother nobody is going to engineer a car just for Victoria). I will give you Kudos for getting heavy with drink drivers though...those arseholes deserve what they get.

    Other than the drink driving crackdown your policy is typical of a politician who uses a scatter gun to kill a mouse...MORE police on the road policing existing laws(not just 3AW and Today Tonight friendly speeding and hoon offences) and some proper driver trainng would have the same effect.

    When are ANY of you so called educated people who were chosen to represent us going to get serious and grow some balls and admit that your road safety policies up until this time have been innefective and we need a new approach...thats right how about you actually wean yourself of speed related offenses money and actually do something effective. Political grandstanding will only get you so far!

    and don't get me started on 40kmh zones...people both kids and adults need to learn how to cross a bloody street...or the government needs to spend some of that massive surplus on building an overpass over every major road...slowing a major road think FTG Road or Princess Highway in Packenham to 40k's is ridiculous, it's dangerous for car drivers and especially for motorcyclists, it creates massive traffic flow problems with people seeing the signs and nailing the brakes...around the suburbs no problem but with major roads it smacks of another knee jerk reaction dreampt up in conjunction with that knucklhead Harold Scruby and his dimwitted associates at the Pedestrian council...but then typical of a penny pinching government really...lowering the limit and placing the onus and inconvenience on the motorist is cheaper and easier than doing it properly, even though building an overpass doesn't inconvenience anybody and would also be safer for that matter.

    I wonder how P Platers feel about RACV selling them out?, I know i would be wrapped if i was a P Plate member who insured my car through them...they should be lobbying on my behalf to prevent this crap being passed though parliament...but it's easier to sell out your own members to appease some others...it's only kids fcuk em throw em to the wolves. I don't dispute that ego comes into it and that young people can act up and show off, but why aren't we banning grannys when they turn 75...obviously their reflexes are impaired and they shouldn't be allowed to drive...can you imagine the outrage...UNLESS you are medically unfit NOBODY should have restrictions placed on whom they can drive with or at what time.
  11. The scary one is the number of people they catch around 3-4 in the afternoon - picking their kids up from school.

    Although it's more disturbing that they usually seem more interested in policing the 40kph limit :roll:.
  12. Take a chill pill FFS. No wonder they don't bother listening to the public anymore because they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they had mentioned speeding in the policy, they would have been slammed on here for that instead. If they had listed all the things you want, they would still have been slammed for something else. It all comes down to a pathological hatred of the government regardless of if they try to do a good thing. Everyone is so used to arguing against what the government does that many don't even bother listening to what they are talking about. The NSW Election proved that! And this does no good for anyone in trying to get things changed for the better, like changing the way speeds are enforced in VIC.
  13. What a witty response MG golly I betcha thought long and hard about that one?...no my relationship is fine thanks for asking and if I need some sanitary napkins I'll just nip over and borrow some of yours :roll:

    Ranting and raving?...oh you mean voicing my opinion...something you never seem shy of doing...double standards much?

    I missed your reply and have just gone and read it, it still doesn't change my perception of the RACV, happy to sell you finance or insurance but are willing to recommend this....

    If thats not bending over some of your members I don't know what is... :roll:...why would they not suggest better education or alternatives, surely that would have been in the best interests of their p plate members?

    My thoughts are as follows...

    1) Police cars on the road enforcing existing laws...book tailgaters, people who don't use indicaters, reckless driving hell even those irresponsible dickheads who speed excessively in suburban streets...hmm I wonder who that could be. It's all well and good having these wonderful new laws however no police on the road to enforce them makes them pointless. WE NEED more active visible policing.
    2) Change the focus on speed to poor driving practices...when did you last see and adds on TV for headchecks, proper lane changing and merging techniques.
    3) ALL drivers must complete an advanced driving course...No exceptions...and it should be funded out of camera revenue!

    these are just 3 I'm sure I could come up with a few more...

    oh and thanks for the insult MG, " a female nutcase throffing at the mouth" was it?, it makes me happy that such a self absorbed internet poseur such as yourself has noticed me, don't worry mate you'll still look cool riding the spur in your singlet and holding up CT110's
    :moped: in the corners :jerk:

    from your other post...

    so you back a piece of legislation thats going to disadvantage your members...and thats ok?, but hang on where is it...oh here it is..."RACV set out to encourage
    the development of motoring, protect the rights of motorists and ensure fair legislation guided the use of motor vehicles in Victoria", so obviously they are doing a bang up job and all those p platers who now can't go to the movies in the same car should be thankfull...your kidding me right MG

    You work for RACV don't you?, good for you! you obviously love the job, but don't piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

    In short MG you are a tosser of the highest order next time you want to debate my opinion lets try it without the insults and sly remarks...or if you like we can keep going till they close the thread :p
  14. Guys, chill the f**k out! Sheesh! :shock:

  15. :rofl: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :rofl: :popcorn:
  16. I think the 1 PEER passenger for P platers is ok as it is only for their first year of P's. To enforce this perhaps we will need different colour P plates so you can tell the difference between the first year and the other 2.

    Although when i was on my P's I often was the designated driver and drove everyone home, the passengers in my car new I wouldn't take any of their shit or otherwise I would make them walk :p

    Perhaps getting the P platers exempt if they do a driver course to show they don't get effected by peers could be exempt. Some passenger restrictions on P platers could lead to more P platers doing silly things like drink driving.
  17. For one who claims to do so much research you clearly show your lack of knowledge with this post. This post just makes you more of a :jerk:

    RACV representing it members? Like shit! My experience with RACV has been for them to screw you over and take your money. They are only interested in sucking up to the pollies when they want a little publicity, with little regard to their members and what they want.

    The only reason they set up the RACV Foundation was to be sen as a good corporate citizen. A classic look at us, we help the community, don't worry about the lack of service they provide you. Individuals give more to community projects. Their grant scheme is tiny compared to those who actually know what they word philanthropy means.

    Benefits? What benefits? A whole range of discounts you can get through any loyalty partner scheme. It's cheaper to buy the entertainment book, than take out RACV membership. Discounts on insurance? Look elsewhere, you save more than the measly discount they give you when your a member. Other insurance companies are easier to deal with anyway.