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[VIC] Matts 21st Celebrations!, Sat Feb 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Matt

    Hey Netriderians!

    This is an open invite for everyone and anyone to come help me celebrate my 21st birthday at 'Transport' in Federation Square.

    I'll be there from 9pm onwards, and I suggest you get there before 10pm incase of huge lines.


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  2. Ya'll gotsta be there :D
  3. Come onnn, show of hands?

    You don't need to know me, bring the whole NR community :p

    It's an excuse to be out with NRians!
  4. Sorry Matty, I'll be at another 21st at Loft.

    Have an awesome night though!
  5. Hey Matty,

    Ill let you know closer to the date. Are partners welcome?
    Also "Transport" can get VERY packed on a saturday night so i suggest people should make sure they get there as early as you can.

    Once they're at full capacity, it will be EXTREMELY difficult to get in...

    Anyway Matty, when is your actual b'day?
  6. I'll be celebrating in Tassie...

    It's my 40th that day too. Gulp. Forty. Geezus. :)
  7. Partners and friends are welcome

    It's complete open invite, you can come and leave as you feel free, pretend it's just another night out.

    But I expect a hand shake and a 'happy birthday!' :D

    Yeah, I've rang them and we've figured if people get there between 9 and 10 they should be right.

    Fridays they reach capacity around 8ish (after work drinkers)
    and on Saturday it's usually about 11:30.
  8. Oh, my actual 21st is the 12th of Feb, stoopid monday :p
  9. Well I suppose I should wish you a happy 21st... again. Best of luck mate, and don't go getting yourself too pissed to the "I'm never going to drink again" point.

    Congratulations on making it. :grin:
  10. I'll be there... At least fer a bit!
  11. Have a superb night tomorrow night Matty! And Happy Birthday for the 12th :)
  12. Hey, Matty. I won't be able to make it to wish you a Happy Birthday :) But have a great night, yr only 21 once! (Oh, I love a good cliche :wink: )
  13. Everything is too loud.
  14. :facepalm: just saw this now... would have dropped in before Sat night coffee if I knew this was on...

    hope you had a good night Matty
  15. Happy 21st B'day Matty!!!!!

    Hope you had a mad night! So sorry i couldnt make it....

    Party on :p