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[VIC] Massive Sale Frankston Yamaha, Sat Apr 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Sen Ney

    Massive Sale Frankston Yamaha Saturday April 1st
    9am - 2.30pm
    Save up to 80% on accessories helmets, gloves, road gear, dirt gear and casual clothing.
    Frankston Yamaha
    40 Dandenong Rd, Frankston
    9783 2244

    More info can be found here....more

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  2. Save 80% on Arai helmets on the morning of April 1st eh?
  3. Ahh read carefully - it says "up to" 80% of brands "such as...", typical bait marketing (makes me wonder what sort of profit margin they run if they could afford to take 80% of the price and not make a loss).
  4. Yeah, I read and understood the "up to" part.

    I was making an (perhaps too) oblique reference to people who read such stuff, and assume that it really means "80% off", and equating that to the morning of April the 1st date on which the sale occurs.
  5. BUT

    consider that a sale usually means new season stock is arriving...

    they need to get rid of the old stock... clear the shelves etc...

    so unless u plan on waiting to see if the stuff on the shelves is still there this time next year where u really will get 80% off, i'd say u could probably get a decent deal :)
  6. im not working that day so i might just come on down and have a look
    who knows might get me a new helmet and jacket
    or better a new 2 piece :LOL:
  7. Anyone been there recently, decent selection of gear?
  8. not as yet but will see on monday
  9. Why Monday? The sale is Saturday....
  10. Well i'll be checking it out... if for no other reason than to get on my bike and go for a ride somewhere. Oh, and Tenoq needs a lift. :grin: :p
  11. I go there every week, Matt and Ricky are mates of mine.

    I think they have a good range of gear, but have seen shops with a better range.
    They do normal bike gear, and dirt bike gear.
    Im going down tomorrow, so will post when i come back.
  12. opps thanks mate lucky for me i was going to go on monday lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. parasites ..... to be advoided at all costs
  14. I bet your saying that just so no one gose :demon: and you can get all the good stuff!!! :bolt: i can tell these things you know...read my sig! \:D/
  15. lol nah iam not .. i wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire
  16. Do tell why...
  17. #1 brought a ttr 600 of them with 80 k,s on it ( was brought ny someone who had it 1 weekend and couldnt start it ... so traded it back )

    # 2 ignition fails while trying to start it . ( 8 months in plaster then 6 months learning to walk again )

    said shop and yamaha colude and offer no help and shut the door .. bring in " experts " .. tell me i require an engineers report ... 3 people do them ... and all do work for yahaha and wont touch it

    #3 see solisitor ..... get told will cost the earth .. recomends " shameing them "

    #4 loose house and employment because of time spent recovering ... near destitute by this stage

    #5 mount bike with banner on a trailer and start picketing yamaha and the australian gp ....

    #6 start to generate interest .. get local papers involved etc

    #7said bike and trailer mysteriously vanishes never to be seen again ...

    now you work out why i wouldnt piss on the *unts
  18. Shit thats not good, worse then good.
    Im guessing you found out later it didnt start, so it was returned? Or you bought it knowing that.

    Sorry for getting personal but how did the ignition failure cause you to have an accident??

    Im also guessing that was with the OLD owners.
    They have new owners, but some old staff still.

  19. i didnt know when i paid for it .. no .. i found out about the non starting issue when i went to pick it up .... i couldnt start it ..... the sales man couldnt start it .... the mechanic couldnt start it ............ they took it away and brought it back 20 mins later running .. said they would look at it on the first service .... 1st service i was told it couldnt be repaired .. i would have to bring it back for fault finding .... and you can guess the rest
  20. and it was 29/3/2000 it happened .. so i have no clue if its the same people