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[VIC] Marysville meander., Sat Aug 8th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Sheri

    Hi everyone.Casual laid back ride leaving Burvale Hotel carpark Vermont Sth at 10.30am Sharp heading to Marysville via Healesville FIRST(coffee stop here.Arrive at 10.15am so that ride can leave at 10.30 SHARP.Any queries Phone Sheri 0425 870353 (if we...

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  2. Sure, if the weather's not too nasty, I'll be interested Sheri.
  3. If I get all my chores done... I'll do it! Haha.

    Been ages since I've been on a Netrider ride. :)
  4. Hmmmm I'll be a maybe for this one, sounds like a relaxing way to spend the day if I can get there :)
  5. Sounds good to me. I've wanted to go up that way for a long time, but usually go South or West.
  6. the meeting point is close to me, may do this one.
  7. Sounds good, its been ages since I've been on an organised ride :)

    Might ask my brother if he wants to come along on his spanking new CBF1000 :cool:
  8. Count me in as a maybe, been some time since i've been on a ride with more then two bikes, weather looks good at the stage.
  9. If all goes well, hope to make it on Sat.
  10. what time would you get to healesville? might meet you lot there since it's a pretty big detour to go to vermont! :)
  11. just got back, did kinglake, toolangi, healsville, the spur, reefton, was a great day, a little windy in some parts but once in the secluded forest areas it was well protected :grin:
    Hope the rain holds of for you all on sat, looking at the bom rite now :LOL:
  12. sounds good, see you guys there
  13. Would likee to come..... However, the Mrs is expecting any moment and I don't think it would go down well :evil: if I missed the event...

    Hopefully next one. :?:

  14. I will try to make it, seems as though saturday will be ok
  15. would like to make it but i doubt ill be able to :(

    have fun n ride safe :)
  16. Ok, so after some self inflicted confusion where I stuffed up and my group was confirmed for a SUNDAY ride (doh!) all is well again.

    So four or more of us will be there bright and bushy tailed tomorrow morning :p

    If you see our group come by and say g'day :grin:

    Me (yellow VFR750)
    John (red CBF1000)
    Adrian (black Hornet 900)
    etc etc :LOL:
  17. weather looks good for tomorrow.
  18. I'll see if i can get to healesville by around 11:15 or so, I guess thats probably around when those coming from vermont would get there going by google maps.. I assume the plan is to stop at the bakery?
  19. See you at the Burvale, weather is looking great.
  20. thanx for the great day, fantastic weather up there. The big white tent is the best place to buy lunch cheaper than the bakery.