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[VIC] March 27th Learner Friendly choc run.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Slow Coach, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Melb- Choc run. L friendly.
    Skill Level: 1 (hover mouse over rides classes at the right for a full description)

    Ok ladies and gentlemen. I have been talking to other riders and have seen that the Learners have been a bit lost. Not many rides have been run for them.

    This ride will be a level 1 ride so learners/ P platers/ returning riders will be welcome. HOONS can stay away, and yes I know who you are. hehehehehehehe.

    We will leave from airport viewing area at Sunbury Road and Oaklands road at 11.00am. Arrive with a full fuel tank. Will head via wildwood road to woodend, so can stop in for vanilla slice or lunch. Then Daylesford for afternoon hot choc. Then back in time for Sat coffee in North Melbourne.

  2. Re: March27th L friendly choc run.

    For those who want to know how to get to the start point. Take the Tullamarine Freeway out past the airport to HERE If you are nervous of travelling on Freeways put your hand up and there may be someone who is coming from your area you can ride with or you can take Melrose drive for most of the freeway out past the airport. If you are coming from the East and want to avoid the freeway Cooper St then Somerton road.
  3. yay chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember this ride two years ago was my very first NR ride... great fun and great exposure on the L's.....
  4. I'm coming from Elwood and am happy to ride with anyone who needs someone to ride with. PM me or put up post.
  5. G'day everyone,....

    I know the start point so thats good.

    The route will be interesting since I have never gone that way,..

    The Choccy Mill will be great as always.
    And only 20 mins from home!

    Then back for Coffee night in west melb.!

    Gonna be a great day!

    Dr Who?
  6.  Top
  7. You coming browny? lol not like you're a hoon or nothing ;)

    Got no idea how im going to do this ride, im coming from complete opposite direction, maybe ill ride to woodend or something..
  8. depends - if my leathers are repaired in time I'm already paid and booked in for the tintardala (spelling??) ride...
    leathers not ready I'll have to bail and attend this... but Cam said no hooning... :/ I'll go TEC again...
  9. Maybe you could arrange to meet them at the bottom of Mt Macedon instead. That way you can ride with them up over the Mount (presuming that is the way they go) and get some more twisty action. Just watch out for the two hair pins past Camels Hump. They can be interesting going downhill.
  10. And there's a right hand 45km/h not far from those hair pins with a dip around the tip in point. Not usually a problem at marked speed, but it gets your attention when you're on song and just got into the rhythm of the preceeding corners...
  11. Sounds good, i just wanna avoid the calder if i can BORES me to death.

    Browny- TEC means u can watch my rear all day ;) LOL
  12. Tec's already booked.

    And MM I have already watched your rear :LOL:
  13. I'm coming...Mrs Arc will likely be a pillion on Doug's thou :D

    Could pick-up folks in the Richmond area if you feel uncomfy trekking out to the airport on the freeway solo.

  14. If there are any learners who don't feel comfortable getting to the meet point they should put up there hands and we can try to arrange escorts.

    Does Mrs Arc understand that she won't be allowed to hoon?
  15. Call 1800TOP-OF-THE-TOWN. :LOL: Nice of Cam's ride to stimulate the economy.
  16. You can eliminate the Fwy section from airport to Woodend via Riddells Creek.
    I've done it a few times and it's a nice quiet road.

    Also I'm in Wantirna so if there are riders from the east who don't like riding to the start place solo, I'm happy to nominate a start point from this side of town.
  17. i;m going for the full license on friday, so this ride should be my first ride on my full license, and my first non suburban ride..

    see you all there next saturday
  18. Yikes, does that mean little to no cornering experience?

    I'm offering to do some mentoring to one or two noob riders on the way to choc mill - however I won't be making the trip back with the group if my current plans hold. If anyone wants some mentoring on the way up, let me know.

    Mr Slowcoach, is there an official route?
  19. can someone let me know when you have a Definite on the route being taken so i can figure out where ill join the group and at what time?
  20. Can you jump on the ride along the way? Say at Woodend?