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[VIC]- manual push mower

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by phongus, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone...I'm certain this advert is in the right forum...if it's not, I am sorry and admins move it if required.

    I moved out of my parent's place a couple of months ago and as a new home owner, I am after several items for the house...but for now I am after a manual push mower...the motorless ones which are enviromentally friendly etc. I do have a large grass area in the backyard, but I thought it might be a good idea to get some exercise in during the chores as well as off-setting my carbon emissions with my fossil burning toys.

    If anyone is selling one at the moment or if you know someone who may be selling one...that would be great :D.

    I am specifically after maybe a Flymo H40...supposedly they are the bomb digetty of the push mowers, however I will consider any other brands :D.


  2. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Are you talking about an "old school" manual push mower like this?
    Definitely not your fly-mo brand, but yours if you want it.
  3. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    just make sure you keep the edges sharp! or it will be more exercise than you realise.
  4. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Yeah yeah the old school type :D.

    How much you want for it?

    Also thanks Thera, it will be a pain with a blunt blade. That's why I was looking for a Flymo H40...it is self sharpening :D.
  5. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Not sure if it's self sharpening, picked it up from the in-laws years ago but use a petrol mower. If you saw my front yard you'll know why this just sits in the shed. My missus had a garage sale today but it's still here.

    If you want it you can just take it, I'm in the Eastern suburbs. No charge.
  6. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Thanks heaps jorge_k. I will gladly pick it up :D...
  7. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    How can it be the right forum? You WANT something therefore you need to place it in the WANTED forum?

    Surely it's not that hard to work out???
  8. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Sorry Vic...it seems a bit confusing since the Wanted section seems to be mainly bike related, whereas the General Marketplace has a guideline for non-bike related items to sell, buy or wanted. Me confused...

    phong =P~
  9. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    i'm with phongus.
    go read your own T&C's Vic :p
  10. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    not hard to read what it says..

    Looking for something? Bike, gear, accessories, anything really. - Post a request here.

  11. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    I have no interest in your sex life.

    I've read them, have you?
  12. Re: [WTB]-[VIC]- manual push mower

    Yes I did read that, which is what confused me. It could be in either of the forums as far as the description is concerned. Either in General Marketplace or in Wanted, but I thought it was better suited in the General Marketplace due to it being a non-related bike item. Majority of the items in the Wanted section seemed to be bike related and I didn't want to break the consistency.

    Question now...do you prefer it to be in the Wanted section even though it isn't a bike related item and only have non-bike related "For Sale" items in the General Marketplace, rather then Sell/Wanted? This way I won't do the mistake again next time.

    EDIT: scrap that question, didn't notice it was moved to "Wanted" section.

    Sorry for the fuss I have created and I will now post anything wanted in the "Wanted" section.
  13. No fuss at all. It shows that the description is average at best and now I can edit it so others don't make the same wrong call.
  14. Coolio. Thanks for the clarification :D.
  15. For what it's worth, the descriptions are still unclear: General Marketplace still has the byline "Buy/Sell/Wanted. Stuff non-bike related lives here."

    It also isn't all that consistent. You've separated non-bike stuff that is 'for sale', but not 'wanted'. Makes more sense to lump all the non-bike stuff together for mine.

    Anyway, it's your playground, do what you like!

    Sorry to continue the degradation of your push mower thread, phongus!
  16. I can steal the neighbors goat, and you can push that around...
  17. Funnily enough, there is someone selling 9 milking goats in my area...=D
  18. Ok, so back on the topic at hand, Bunnings have new ones for around $100 last time I looked.
  19. Ooops, forgot to update the thread.

    I picked up jorge_k's free push mower. Works well on short grass...don't think it works well on tall grass once they jam themselves on the blade. Thanks jorge_k

    Thanks MV...I saw them at Bunnings but being low on cash I thought I'd try something cheaper...and lucky jorge_k had one for free :D...now I know how it feels to have a mortgage on your head.
  20. There was one of those mowers for sale by the side of the road at Flowerdale. :)
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