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[VIC] Mansfield to Whitfield

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dah dah, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Didnt manage to ride this one, but drove through it pretending i was on the bike. Great rode, very smooth and quite wide. lots of twisties and great scenery. Will be getting back there sometime, but on the bike.

  2. Over the top?

    Yes, rode it a little while ago. Fabulous - well worth a visit.
  3. It is. There are some corners with speeds marked that should actually be followed on a bike.

    Isn't that right mat232? :p
  4. Ooooh, yes. I forgot about those. Makes for an interesting experience.
  5. Yep...But I was doing 30-50km/h over the recommended speed. 15-20km/h over and you should be fine.

    One thing though...the recommended corner speeds aren't too uniform for the corners....if you go around a 50km/h corner and wonder where the bend was, remember its not indicative of what the next 50km/h corner is going to be like. So judge each corner on its own merits.

    Let me know if you find a roo whistle and some white fairing while you are up there.
  6. It's a great road alright, but don't take it lightly. It's taken its share of casualties, considering it hasn't been sealed for all that long. I was in a group up there a few years ago and a bloke (I didn't know him well) ran wide on a downhill lefthander. Ended up losing his leg. The ambos said then they were sick of going up there to pick up injured riders.
    Do it, have fun, but respect it.
  7. Wise words Titus.

    It's a good idea to run over it once or twice by way of recce before opening the throttle wide.
  8. Was looking at doing this ride sometime in late spring (October) providing the weather is good.
    Was perhaps going to do a ride from Narre Warren -> Reefton -> Whitfield -> Mansfield -> then continue on to Myrtleford and staying overnight at Bright and then over the High Plains Rd to Dargo. However, will need a lot more experience before I do it and that will be the determining factor before I attempt it.
  9. Don't focus on the high voltage transmission structure... :shock:
  10. Say G'day to Jase (fellow netrider and Mansfield Ambo) if you happen to bump into him.
  11. unfortunate choice of words?
  12. Nope, planned that way.
  13. last 2x trips through there I puled over to check on a fellow rider down on his luck.

    On going fast:
    We all have a different idea of what a safe speed is. The fastest blokes I know drop their bike on a regular basis (ie: once a yr).
  14. I really love this road. Its hot!
    The Whitfield pub serves gourmet food too. Great place to stop for a break. :D
  15. Watch out for the wildlife on this one as well.

    Did it in the dark a few years ago in the work wagon and suffice to say when one item jumped out in front of me I didn't say "Oh Deer" even though it was a fully grown one I nearly hit :shock:

    Mind you the antlers would've looked good on the mantlepeice.
  16. Way back when, when we changed from mph to km/h, someone suggested a "formula" for advisory speed signs for bikes.

    If a sign said 50 km/h, then it could be taken at 50 mph (80 km/h). I generally find this to be the case today.

    Remember, advisory signs are suggesting the max. speed for the worst possible conditions for the area. eg: rain, snow, ice, etc.

    If it's a fine day and the road's in good condition, then refer to the mph-km/h conversion factor (and of course, your bike's condition, your ability, etc.)

    Overall, the Mansfield-Whitfield road is a beauty. We've never had any problems, other than getting past log trucks. Even in the wet, which we did recently, we were able to get from Whitfield to Mansfield in about 35 mins.
  17. it certainly is a popular road and i spose any road with lots of twistys will attract riders of both sportsbikes and cruisers.

    having ridden it once heading towards Whitfiled and twice heading back towards Mansfield, i feel it does demand respect as "titus" mentioned above and riders new to it should go over it once or twice b4 trying to RAIL their way through it for the 1st time as "rsser" also pointed out.

    any1 who rides with me or has ridden with me knows im not slow by any means, but luckly on my 1st trip through to Mansfield i had a tankbag that was impeding my usual performance and missed out on the same unfortunate step-off by a fellow rider "kirk", but the silly boy was trying to stick to "roarin's" back wheel :p

    one thing that struck me about this piece of road is, you'll be flying along through flowing sweepers which come to an abrupt sharp corner, these really take you by surprise, unless youve ridden the road once or twice as "rsser" suggested.
    Be very aware that this happens atleast 4 times along that section of road.

    for anyone interested in a few pics of "kirks" step-off check the links below. 1st shows the lead into the corner, you can see black marks on the surface where it gets alot tighter mid corner and the speed your carrying into it becomes a little too hot.http://www.users.on.net/~ratty/roadhome/nice_corner.jpg
    2nd is the exit and you can see it really has some really nice twistys
    3rd shows "kirks" black gixxer next to the tree that brought him to a stop
    the next 3 pics show damge to the bike

    last pic is of "kirk" doing his superman impersonation on better days :D

    it's never wise to go ballistic on roads youve never ridden before, i know i never do, i think it's comon sense, but as they say "common sense is not as common as you would think"
  18. The picture "damage1"...is that a dry clutch?? :wink:
  19. we hoped it would be after the step-off :D , but alas, the oil kept pumping out while the motor was running, so the pickup truck was called :?