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[VIC] Major Announcement Police Commissioner Ken Lay and Premier Daniel Andrews MP - Ken Lay resigns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mouth, Dec 29, 2014.

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  1. Resignation? Been 3 years in the job now, and ALP was never a fan.
  2. SNAP! Yup, resigning
  4. They all say it's personsl/family when they get the tap on the shoulder.
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  5. I've never been in as important a job but I have been in that position and I can understand exactly why he's made this decision.
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  6. Well, I'll wish for 2 things then:

    1) a speedy recovery for Mr Lay's wife
    2) a less speed camera obsessed new top cop....
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  7. I got my xmas present.

    Not a fan of mr lay's focus on evrything motorcycle being bad.

    But, if it is true, I wouldnt wish any illness on his wife, for that, she gets my sympathy and understanding
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  8. About time I feel. He's run out of ideas on how to fleece every motorist not just motorcyclists of money. Crime rates are generally up and so is the road toll, what exactly has his draconian approach achieved?
  9. My thoughts are with his wife.

    But, this man can EAD. Goodbye, Farewell and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  10. Three years ago when KL got the job (to my chagrin) I was admonished by another netrider with some inside knowledge that there were far worse options in the wings.
    Perhaps he was right. There was a bit more anti-PTW rhetoric, and the VP submission to the parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle safety was both hostile and (fortuitously) incompetent. But I don't think the roadside behaviour of the troops was quite as aggressive as it had been when Ken was the chief of traffic.

    The Traffic gig seems to have become something of a primer for the Chief Commissioner job. I wonder what Robert Hill is thinking. He has reinforced much of KL's previous themes but I haven't noticed very much exclusively motorcycle hate.

    Labor vowed to clean out some senior public servants that were hostile to them.
    It would be easy to imagine KL as being one of those. But I don't think he's been given the tap. I think his stated reason is genuine, but perhaps he's also seen the writing on the wall and decided to choose his own moment.

    Very interested to see what happens next. The last thing I personally want to see is another internal careerist ascend to Olympus.

    Wonder what Sir Ken Jones is up to these days?
  11. It would be nice to see a professional policeman take the role and not the recent succession of politicians in uniform.
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  12. I'd say that's unlikely. When you get to that level in any organisation it becomes political
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  13. Sadly so, It's the outright lies based on dubious statistics that annoy me most. The news is all a twitter about how Ken Lay restored the confidence of Victorians in the police force. I don't feel any more confident of Police integrity and performance. I don't know if others here do?
  14. It will be a new captain but the ship will remain the same.
    I have mixed emotions about this. He was better than the 2 previous CCs. I have meet him a few times years ago when he first took over the traffic portfolio and he seemed very keen to find out how it was run, which was better than most officers who came up from the defective ranks. But as time went by and he got promoted to CC, listening to him on the radio and seeing what he had to say in the newspapers it had seemed that he was becoming a puppet.
  15. Hope they promote from within as you've only got to look t the last two outsiders who got the top job and how well they went............
  16. Acting Police Commissioner will step down on July 4th

    HUN Link
  17. I (privately) opined that Ken's resignation so soon after a change of Gummint was a bit suss, despite the reason being to look after his seriously ill wife.

    Does anyone else find it unusual that Ken can now find the time to chair the Federal Ice Taskforce, which surely will be quite demanding upon his time?

    Was he yet another victim of Mr Potato Head's slash and burn?
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