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[Vic] Mains Power Problems

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. At 16:03 today the main 300kV powerline which links Victoria & NSW tripped cutting off the excess load we use on days like this.

    This caused a fair bit (like 50%) of the state to lose power in the process.

    The company I work for has sites all over the state and I can monitor the alarms and to say the alarm monitoring system went nuts at 16:03 is an understatement (lots of pretty colours to look at though).

    Looking at the same alarm system it seems to be suggesting that it's settling down with most areas getting power back in the last 30 minutes or so.

    Good thing there are only a couple of traffic lights between me & the Tulla & only a couple from the freeway to my front door as they are saying the trains are up to 1 hour late tonight.
  2. Was out in wheelers hill for an hour... was 4 runs and 6 balls left in the cricket to go.....
  3. 1000 traffic lights out according to the news! glad I'm at home in the air conditioning :p
  4. What do you do as well? I work at one of the power stations here in the Valley. But I'm on days off, so I haven't been able to see what effect that the Snowy tie has had on Vic, other than the power prices going to VOLL (maximum capped price) due to the demand and lack of generation to cope. This, for those who "may" be interested, can be seen at the nemmco website.


    "RRP" is Regional Reference Price, or what the power costs at the point of transmission. You and I pay far more than what the generators earn. For example, it's averaging around $30 MW/hr, but we pay on our domestic tarrifs around $140 MW/hr.

    For the generators that earn their dough from the largely fluctuating spot market, today would've been a good one for them. Others that are on contracts, less so.
  5. What I don't get is, people come home and want their AC on. Fair enough, but shed some other load, like lights etc.
    Sure, you can be selfish and not do it, but you lose power!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Aircon is off. But I'll be stuffed if I'm turning my bar fridge off!!!

    Hot night. I need a drink or 10 to sleep :grin:

    Love being on holidays..
  7. I work for a telco, so we monitor managed WAN connections amongst other things. We can tell if power goes out, cos a shitload of services in the same area fail within minutes of each other.
  8. The major load on the system are the A/C units that everyone's installing, these days. It's not only the physical load, but there are also problems with what's called "reactive" load, which can't be quantified by mere kilowatts. This places electrical constraints on the transmission systems.

    Anything with a motor creates a reactive load on the system. Lights aren't such a problem. So, when you buy and install that 8kw split system, which seem to be going out the doors of the retailers like hotcakes, then we can expect more such days of high energy demand, and as a result, a greater strain on the system.

    We're lucky that it wasn't worse. If NSW had been experiencing the same weather as Vic yesterday, then we would probably have had power restrictions in force by now. This is because NSW would not have had spare capacity to supply Vic, QLD, Tas or SA, which are all interconnected (NT, WA and FNQ are separate to the SE grid).

    And yesterday's incident where NSW was separated from Vic was simply a matter of time before it occured, what with the bushfires around the Mansfield-Whitfield region where the Snowy tie runs through.
  9. No UPS supplying them?