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[Vic] Maffra-Sale Toy Run, Sat Dec 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. 8th run.

    Maffra to Sale.

    Wellington Shire inform me that it is on again.

    Sat 10th. Leaves Maffra at 11.00am to Sale. Gifts handover 12.30pm.

    Police escort.

    Anyone interested, I am going, show you the way, have a break at my place. Leave by 9.30am.

    Mods. Add to calender if you wish. [Edit.] I have added it for you. [Edit 2] Forgot to add the 'Melb' bit. B.
  2. Re: Maffra-Sale Toy Run

    Should you need to? It's not a Melbourne event. Perhaps "Vic" should be inserted, maybe?
  3. Er, I thought they were putting in [Melb] to distinguish from other states.
    I thought that was the way they were going to do it.

    Probably no one will be interested anyway.
  4. In case anyone is interested, the Toy Run went off well.

    There were several old style cars for those with an interest in them.

    About 200 bikes turned up. There were a few very interesting bikes there. An original Royal Enfield and 2 new ones. A 350cc Jawa, a 350 Matchless, a '52 BSA (650 I think) plus the usual Jap and Yankee stuff. Only a few european bikes.

    The plaza at Sale was crowded with bikes and people having a look.

    Had a windy trip back home.
  5. How were the numbers on last year? Also do you have any photos of either the Valley Run or the Maffra Run?
  6. I unfortunately forgot my camera on both occassions.

    The numbers were down for both I thought. The LV one was reported as 400. Last year it was higher but the weather played a big part in it.

    I don't know why, but the Sale run appeared to me to be lower. I didnt count them but I was roughly back from the police car as last year but there were fewer riders behind me this year. The organisers may disagree.

    Another thing I noticed at both runs was the reduction in the big stuffed toys. The gift givers may have given more food or different gifts. Our three gifts were for a boy 7-10 and a girl 7-10 and 6 cans of food. Perhaps more people went that way as well.

    Still, the LV bike clubs and others put in about $41,000 into the helping coffers. Pretty good I think. I don't know how the eastern clubs did.

    The Maffra people had free tea/coffee & biscuits for teh riders as did the LV people.

    It was reported that there were in fact fewer people giving gifts this year. Signs of the times I think, and it may get worse.
  7. Yes. The Kmart Wishing Tree appeal is also way down on donations. People may just be starting to feel the pinch, what with elevated fuel prices, higher mortgages and so on. I noticed for example, that QLD is back under a $1 a litre. It's still around the $1.20 mark around here.

    A good indicator too, will be how the toy run in MEL goes tommorrow.
  8. The Melb run was really good. Best crowd I have seen.