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[VIC] Lygon street Porsche driver stuck in first gear

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 18, 2008.

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  2. Was probably thinking "Dad" will pay whatever fines are thrown at him, and if he loses his licence, then there is always 'Mum's' sedate looking BMW to drive around in, which would probably not get a second glance as long as he sticks to the speed limit .... which may be a problem for him
  3. I didn't know porsche were in the motorcycle business. :LOL:
  4. he was up on two wheels for part of the road? :oops:
  5. No brains and happy without 'em by the looks :roll:
  6. Now THAT's what the hoon laws are about: Inappropriate stupid speeds in built up areas endangering life, limb and property. Throw the book at the dude.

    But, the popo have taken the hoon laws and applied them universally for any road situation... I'd like to see how many of those 5000 impounded vehicles were in isolated quiet non trafficked locations.
  7. Agreed Rob. That area is way to busy and residential to go that quick.
  8. Don't you love how they try and make it sound worse by putting the last two lines in about the 2 people dying.

    PALEESE. That old woman probably wasn't wearing her glasses and had an accident going 70 in a 100 zone... and the guy at hanging rock.... Maybe the rock fell on him?

    I'm sorry these people dies, but i just fkn hate how the news provides no facts to either incident, and expect people to go - ZOMG LOOK HOW MUCH SPEEDING KILLS!!!

    That being said, i hope this guy in the porshe has an acco next time and ends up in a wheel chair....
  9. Agreed. It's tempting though, as you get stuck forever northbound up to the Princes St intersection, and then when you DO get a green suddenly there's this wide open stretch of empty road in front of you...

    I've learned to practice restraint there now.

    BTW, exactly HOW does a 22yo get to drive around in a 2000 model Porsche? My boss has only just bought himself his first Porsche - also a 2000, and he's twice that age.
    (I'm older than him and I couldn't even buy the keyring! :p )
  10. Could be a Boxter, they're round about 50 gs second hand, otherwise it's Daddy's :D

    Poor kid, he'll prolly be banned from driving the Porche now and be only allowed to drive the BMW :wink:
  11. Where the hell does a 22 yr old get 50 grand without smuggling large quantities of drugs or weapons for the taliban? :?
  12. Why you carrying on for?

    So because the media printed what the cop said, you expect them to
    provide further background information which was already provided
    when the fatlities happened?

    You write a 3 paragraph beat-up about the media & then a solitary
    sentence on the subject of topic :roll:

    Its not the media who was speeding at ridiculous speeds. The article
    is simply reporting what the booking cop said. Nothing more, nothing

    Get ya focus right, calm down & keep it real mate.
  13. :roll:
    I think the point he was trying to make was that the two fatalities didn't belong with the feature story and were only added for additional dramatic value.
  14. Less than 2 months ago, 2 men died in an accident on Lygon Street.

    Herald Sun

    Thats why the police are sensitive to this.
  15. This was originally reported yesterday morning. Every day, police media release information about the night before. I see no problem with them including other information at the same time. 150kmh in a 40 (max 60) zone certainly qualifies as dangerous and it's not unexpected to then see 1 sentence on other related notable events from the previous 24hrs.
  16. sounds like inside knowledge cejay
  17. ^^ What cejay said. 90kph over the limit on a busy street, famous for it's high level of pedestrian traffic and outdoor eating culture is fcuking stupid at best. It would be extremely difficult for even Austrailian news reporters to over sensationalize this event.

    Australian news reporters appear to be involved in a competition to see who can draw the longest bow relating a lost wallet to a hoon involved in a crash on the moon while using an ipod at high speed, but even they couldn't describe how dumb this porche driving fuktard really is.
  18. Instead of rolling your eyes, how bout the both of you clean
    em out instead.

    The focus & point to his post is as clear as bullshit can be.

    Shit on the media when there is valid reason to.
  19. Hmmm just got booked for doing 79 in a 60 zone on Lygon St....... $220 and three points. It was north of Alexander parade, no traffic around me at all.... grrrrr!

    If there was someone to show off in front of, it would have been 200 on the back wheel. Sometimes cops just don't appreciate when us hoons are taking it easy! :LOL:
  20. never disputed that the driver is a cocktard, but I have to agree with whatever his name is about the added carnage in the story for no other reason that added dramatisation.

    Clear as crystal.