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[VIC] Lunch Ride to Sassafras and Olinda

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bonjoji, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Whew! Just got back from a "long lunch", well actually ride after lunch.

    A sunny afternoon so I decided after a crowded run last Sunday, I'll do a lap of my "backyard" (Mountain Highway and Mt. Dandenong Tourist Road). With a full stomach and an optimistic grin on my face I started the climb after the last round-about of Mountain Highway. Twisty uphill climb was real fun, I was saying to myself "now this is fun" compared to last Sunday's poor/crowded run until past half-way I caught up a 4WD at <50kph. Being a learner I stamped to my head that I am not overtaking a vehicle on that road (I can always come back and do another run later). I waited until the 4WD can actually do the legal 70kph section of the hill. My patience had paid off, no 4WD on sight, I got back to my 60~70kph run. At the last three or four corners before the Tourist road T-junction, an R1 zoomed past me ... ahhh what a feeling, roaring sound and wind blast coming from that R1. The R1 caught up with the 4WD at the T-junction, turned left and then ... its gone.

    I turned left at Tourist road towards Montrose, this time my horizon was clear, a few cages coming from the opposite direction but not as frequent compared to last Sunday's. Proceeded with "care" as there are still strips of gravel on the middle of the road due to last month's road works. At 4th gear my little GPX was smoothly running within the legal limits of Tourist road at 7000rpm. Flowing, winding road ahead, a few blind lefties and a few sweeping rights, I was having a good run this time. Kept concentrating on wide approaches on those corners for good visibility of the corner exits and incoming vehicles. Then its over, road straighten out towards the round about at Canterbury road.

    I knew more experienced riders actually did "better" on these roads as I witnessed last Sunday, but being a learner I am proud of myself, I completed my ride safe & sound, got to know my bike more and actually had fun.

    Only if the way back to work via Canterbury road was twisty it could be even better, but then again I am not complaining. Hopefully next time I'll extend this run via Monbulk or Lilydale on the way out there to the great Eastern twisties.

    Have a good day everyone. :grin:
  2. I live in Burwood East and Mountain Hwy has become my practice strip since I got my L's... I absolutely LOVE it!!! I'm crap, of course, but it's been fun learning a bit about the bike (zzr250) and cornering. I'm with you for the most part on overtaking on that road. I know the bigger bikes can get round a 4x4 in .5secs but my little machine takes a bit longer, and there's only a couple of spots I've been game enough to overtake.
    About a month ago I extended my run to include Healesville, Marysville, Reefton and Warburton, which is still the best riding I've done as yet. Lucky enough to get out their on a weekday too so traffic was quiet...I've heard too many horror stories about the Spurs on weekends!
    Anyway, be safe, maybe I'll see you out there one of these days
    (my Kwakka is that metallic blue colour!)
  3. Its a fine day today and I did another run this lunch time, it was pretty damn cool! I had the road all by myself from the bottom up to the t-junction of mountain highway and mt. dandy rd. :) . I was anticipating plenty of fallen leaves and twigs but it was alright, just a few dried leaves from here and there. The main concern was the few gravel/dirt that got blown into some corners, but not too dangerous I guess. Cool wind and empty road, what more can you ask. This time I took the left turn to ridge rd, it has its own squigly lines with some small uphill and downhill curves that reconnects back to mt. dandy rd lookout area. Down hill to canterbury road was also fine with the usual gravel/dirt deposit in the middle of the road on some sections before the big road sign saying "4km of winding road". The last "4km of winding road" was also pretty clear with a few cages climbing uphill on the other direction.

    It was a good run, if you are looking for a quick run before the end of the day it is still a pretty good run up there.

    Hey Kris, I'll look out for you on one of my "lunch rides" up there. Be safe everyone. :)
  4. yeah best closest place to me if i want to go for a quick squirt. Usually if you go early or later in the evening its a little quiter.
    But yeah piss' me off when the road limit says 70 and people are coating around at 50km and braking around corners GRRRRR
  5. Nice job ol' chap...

    I woke up and was mad I had to goto work :evil:

    Beautiful day for it... might ride to coffee if the weather holds up...