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(Vic)Lunar eclipse from Mt Dandy

Discussion in 'VIC' started by stewy, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Ok, bit of a last minute thing, but decided to head up to sky high tonight to check out this Lunar eclipse that everyone is talking about......The total eclipse starts at 19:50, with the greatest eclipse being at 20:35. (so i am told)

    Ok so the plan is i missed getting out for a spin on the weekend cos i was either to pissed or recovering from a hangover :oops: so i am going to have a quick spin through the hills behind Mt Dandy then head up to Sky High.

    If anyone wants to join me i will be fuelling up at the Mobil in Rowville on the corner of Stud Road & Wellington Road, and hope to be there 4.30pm leaving about 4.40pm.

    If you can't make the ride but want to come up to Sky High to check out the view and catch up with me up there, just look out for a Blue SV1000.

    Hopefully might see a few of you guys tonight.

    Cheers stewy :)
  2. The total eclipse starts at 19:50, with the greatest eclipse being at 20:35.
  3. thanks for that mate....adjusted main post to reflect updated times. :)
  4. Gday mate, if work doesn't call I'll try to hook up for the ride, I led a ride up into the Dandenongs a couple of days ago and it was fantastic.
  5. Good thinking Stewy - unfortunately going to miss out as am at the movies - but should be out just after 20:00 hrs so will look to the heavens before delving into some pizza :)
  6. cool mate will hopefully see ya then
  7. Doh! I dont get out of work till 19:30. If its not raining (which is predicted) I might try and catch u at Skyhi
  8. Hopefully we get a good view of it from the roof at HQ :LOL:
    We won't be home from basketball till about 7:30pm.
  9. ooohhh missed again

    I was out in burwood getting a gift tonight wishing I had somewhere to ride to. :cry: Missed again I would have been there.Woulda shoulda coulda
  10. Got a bit of a look after the movies/dinner & on the way home - pretty clear skies up this way. How was the Mt Dandy lookout?
  11. Hey Stew, thanking you for a great ride - was good to meet you and have a good cruise and a yack. Hope to catch you around.
  12. thanks Gareth for the pre ride......and Hot Cam who joined us up at Mt Dandy...view was pretty good, had pretty heavy cloud early on in the night, but it cleared and was glad i made the effort to go......

    Cheers stewy