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[VIC] Luke Stimson RIP Ride, Sun Aug 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: ripluke

    In honour of our beloved friend, Luke Stimson, (VTR250) who left us suddenly.

    We invite his friends and riding buddies to join us for send off in his memory, to remind him and us that he is loved and will be missed dearly but never forgotten.


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  2. Damn, what happened? Did I miss somthing, did a complete search but couldn't find anything.

    RIP Netrider.

    :) Thanks to all that have viewed this, we know that there are many of you that might not have known him personally. But he has attended most of the local netrider events and may have ridden along side some of you.

    The point of this is to have all bike lovers ride with him on the day...even if you didn't know him, he may have served you from Peter Stevens, Ringwood.

    This ride is in memory of a fellow rider, all riders are welcome! We know that he would love a load roaring send off, as many for the passion of the bike would.

    Many thanks again for all those that are interested. Hope to see you on the day!

    In respect for a fellow riding buddy...RIP LUKE...

    For those that are without their bikes, you are all still welcome to tag the tale of the ride, as there will be others that will be attending following the procession in cars.
  5. Hi RIPLUKE, I was just wondering was it a motorcycle accident that took his life away? :(
  6. :( sadly no, by his own choose to leave this world.

    A thank you to all those that rode through Sky High and noded when they saw the red bolloon when we moved to the second level.

    It was nice to see you show respect to a fellow rider.

    Warm Regards

  8. what makes him decided to end it?
  9. Im guessing only he would know that.....

    We can not say what makes someone think to do such a thing, some say its selfish while others say it's his right and he was being selflish by not putting his problems onto others.

    At the end of the day it was his choice alone, no accident where he had no say, no sittuation where will live without a brain, he made his mind up that he didn't want to live another day, like anyone that wants to change countries and didn't want to say why. They just up and go, only they normally say goodbye. I'm sure he said goodbye in his own way and didn't want anyone person to think it was because of them or that they could have done more.

    He will rest in peace knowing that all those that rode through sky on their bike, noded to us in respect, respected the rider that he was.

    Thank you for the pic's, I am psychic and didn't see this coming but then I'm not meant to, you can't interferr with the bigger plan of the universe.

    And yes I'm guessing you are a little that way, as when your bikes turned up, we had just let the balloons go and heard the rumble of your bike, you were right below us and we were playing his song at the time, and each time one of his songs came on, more bikes came past.

    So thanks again for the memories that you had respected him enough to post those images, it means a lot us. We had that send off for him as we were not welcomed at the funeral by his family, which will be on Monday (today). Knowing that you took the time to post those pictures and reply to this, shows great respect.

    You should all be proud of yourselves that you can respect someone you might not have even known, when there are those that can't say the same. XXX With respect your riding group, warm regards RIP LUKE
  12. RIP

    either way, you gotta leave this world, sooner or later

    does he normally travel on monash fwy?
  13. does he normally travel on monash fwy?

    Yes he had a friend out near Pakenham, I guess he would have traveled that way.
  14. My condolences to Luke's family and friends, may they find peace and comfort after their loss.

    I knew Luke as a friendly, enthusiastic and happy salesmen at Peter Stevens. He was always able to help me whenever I saw him. I'm sorry I missed the ride, I was unfortunately out of town.

    Rest in peace Luke.

    We thank you for your kind words and support. We know that Luke would have appricated that he was remembered by you for the services that he had given you while employed at Peter Stevens.

    He was always happy to show a fellow rider what was good sales item.

    Thanks you again for you kind words and respect to Luke. X
  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.. R.I.P to luke. I am fairly sure I knew a Luke @ Peter Stevens Ringwood as I bought my 675 from there and traveled there at times for Triumph stuff and some Triumph "open nights". My condolences go out to all concerned :(

    Thinking of you guys...
  17. I am fairly sure I knew a Luke @ Peter Stevens Ringwood

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I can't tell you how much it means to us that you would think to post a reply.

    I can't believe how many wonderful people there are in this world, but by the little acts of kindness shown on this site...it makes it clear to me, that you real are caring towards your fellow rides and those that have a love for the passion.

    May you all ride to together with love in your hearts! Stay safe!