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[VIC] Loz's Suade CD launch, Thu May 18th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    As some of you may know, I'm a bit of a singer. Well, after many months of hard work and testicle loss, I've finally just about finished production on the debut CD for my group Suade.

    And it's a cracker.

    We're going to launch it on May the 18th a...

    ... more

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  2. Terrific .. We'll be there :)
  3. beginning my pile of well rotten fruit now.
  4. Is it safe to bring my Mum? She'll be visiting from NZ :)
  5. She'll have a ball. The show is (just this side of) mum-suitable and comes off as cheeky not offensive. Usually. :)
  6. So, not up to your usual standard, in other words :LOL: ?

    Seriously, congrats mate, hope the launch goes well and the product sells well.....
  7. We'll be there as well!! I can't believe I actually have the day off for an event like this!! WOOHOOO!!!

    I can't believe I actually know a superstar....the first famous person I've EVER met!!!!!!
  8. Are you kidding Lil? You're shagging a famous DJ!

    ....it IS Lil, isn't it? :LOL:
  9. I'm hoping to come down for this...bit of a silent groupie, I have half a dozen songs on my mp3 that I listen to when riding.

    If I don't get there, I want to order the CD for sure though.

    BTW, even my teenagers like your music Loz :shock:
  10. LOL .... just stirring the boy :wink:
  11. bit late to find this thread but i'll be there with bells on... perhaps straight from work depending if things run overtime.

    anyone else doing dinner first? or just the show?
  12. Hey Carri I know Lil, Stookie, Mouth, Titania, Matty, and maybe Robsalvv, Deano and Chubz are thinking about checking it out, some of them might do the dinner thing too.

    Friday's the last day for earlybird discounts by the way, so if you're going, now's a good time to book!

    Does anyone want to put their hand up to keep track of Netriders who are doing the dinner and show deal? That way we could put together a netrider table.
  13. Rang to book for dinner/show - so mentioned a table of folk to prewarn them :)
    Happy to organise if people let me know

    1. if its dinner & show
    2. just show

    You pay on the night.

    Cheers, BB
  14. Hmm, Donna you might wanna check if the early bird discount applies if you're paying on the night... If so, awesome!
  15. thanks, did & yes :grin: just let me know who/what :)
  16. Hey, i'm in!
  17. BB....Jay and I are definately going. Can I confirm that we are paying on the night rather than directly to you? and we get the discount? Or do I pay tomorrow and say that we are on the same table???

    I'm a bit slow, you see..... :oops:
  18. Table booked under NetRider = 14
    Pay on the Night (with discount) :grin:

    Dinner/Show - confirmed
    Black Betty & Guest
    Carri27 + 1
    Lil & Stookie
    Mouth & Titania
    Cruisingal + 1

    Letting me Know:
    PNut & Chubz
  19. great news, thx donna.
  20. MENU for the NIGHT :)

    Selected Mediterranean Dips – Served with bread.

    VEGETARIAN STIR FRY - Selected fresh vegetables served on a bed of saffron rice
    CANNELLONI - Cannelloni tubes, filled with ricotta & spinach in Neapolitan sauce, served on a bed of French fries
    CHICKEN PARMIGIANA - Chicken parmigiana, served on a bed of French fries
    CHICKEN KEBAB - Chicken Kebab, marinated tender pieces of chicken on bamboo skewers with lemon, salad, mash potato topped with salsa
    PAELLA - Paella, hearty Spanish dish includes chicken, prawns mixed with fresh vegetables served on a bed of saffron rice
    BEER BATTERED FISH - Beer battered tempura fish fillets, served on a bed of French fries & lemon mayonnaise
    CRUMBED CALAMARI RINGS - Lightly crumbed calamari, served on a bed of French fries & lemon mayonnaise