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[VIC] Loz's group Suade @ Northcote Social Club, Wed Sep 20t

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    Just in case anyone's interested, we're doing a show at the Northcote Social Club on the 20th September.

    Where: 301 High St. Northcote
    When: Wed 20th Sept, 8.30pm
    Cost: $12 pre-booked, $15 on the door.
    Bookings: 9486 1677

    This should be anothe...

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  2. ...And here's something to print out and stick on the fridge...

  3. sweeeeeeet....
  4. Sounds good Loz, I'll be there :grin:

    Are you going to start a Netrider booking like the last one??
    If you are, can you please put my name down and I'll give you the $12 at coffee on Friday night :cool:
  5. sounds like fun and not far for me to travel.... ;) put my name down :)
  6. Highly recommend these guys. A great nights entertainment to be had. :grin:
  7. Do they do any Black Sabbath or Slipknot numbers?
  8. im there :D
  9. Jodz and I are interested. Is the timing such that we could have dinner and then catch the show, or do we get to eat dinner and be entertained?
  10. Just listened to you and the boys doing California Dreaming mate and you guys are pretty damn good.

    I'll defiately be there though I gotta go at midnight before I change back :LOL: naa start work at 2am in dandy. See ya there
  11. Sorry, no sabbath this time Scooter.

    I'd suggest dinner before you go. Doors open 8.30 so there's plenty of time to grab something beforehand on High st.

    I'm happy to take pre-bookings, but you might as well call the venue. I don't think there's reserved seats for this show.

  12. ooh spudatos!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. So Eswen, do you want to nominate a pre-gig get together spot?
  14. erm... we will see closer to the date :cool:
  15. Yeah that MySpace site has a new tune on it too, for those who already have the CD.

    As for the cancer thing, yes. Earlier this year, while I was producing, designing and recording the CD. Bren and I took the opportunity to try to raise a bit of Netrider awareness too...
  16. I'm out for this one....don't finish work til midnight :(
  17. I'll try and get to this night.

    No promises, its baby sitter dependant. I'd love to get there though, I just sampled the music on the webfright and it's seriously awesome.

    I couldnt hear California Dreaming, bummer, but I reckon its sure to impress.

  18. Sounds good (not my kinda music), but you guys could do very well!
  19. pre outing food... im thinking spudatoes or the cafe just next door to it.... will sample the food and get back to yas ;)
  20. ok some of us are going to spudatoes for dinner before going up to the social club...

    booked in at spudatoes 104 high street northcote (near westgarth theatre, on the opposite side, bit further up)
    from 6.30 onwards

    spudatoes do reall nice burgers, nachos, salads and stuff with potatoes.
    RSVP so I know if i need to enlarge the booking (ooh that sounds so sexy)