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[VIC] Loz w/Suade @ Manchester Lane, April 15, Tue Apr 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    A few NRs have already booked seats for this show, it's our first public one of the year and should be a ripper, so I thought I'd plonk it in the calendar.

    Tuesday, April 15: Manchester Lane

    36 Manchester Lane, Melbourne
    web: www.manchesterlane....

    ... more

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  2. Oh, by the way, things have changed since I submitted the calendar entry, and non-dinner seats can now be booked, which rocks.

    Doors at 8pm, we'll start at 8.30 sharpish 'cause we know it's a school night... :)

  3. Can't come. Going to Tassie. Bugger.
  4. Hope not to scare anyone away ;) , but we're booked already, gonna be good :grin:
  5. Booked for 8 people

    OK. Called Man Lane this morning to book, and they were a bit confused! I know you mentioned the earlier gig that day, Loz, and I think that's what's got them bamboozled.

    Suzie (?) told me there were 'three' bookings left (for dinner), so suggested I book. So I said "OK! I'll take the three spots!", and she said, "Ummm, for how many people?". :-k

    Anyway, this went back and forth a few times, neither of us getting any smarter in the process. ](*,)

    So, I believe I have now just booked dinner for 8 people, and I may not get 7 friends to come with me (can't afford it :) ), so I am posting this if we want to get a few more NRs together on a table.

    Booga, don't know how many you are or if the seating is reserved, but PM me and maybe we can get the tables together (if you're going for dinner)?
  6. wish i could make it but have a seminar for work and probably wont get home till 8 :(

    im sure itll be stacks of fun!!! :cool:
  7. Aw don't tell me they're rooting the booking up again Guy...

    You're supposed to be able to book without dinner now, too. Give me a ring and I'll sort it out.
  8. No, no, Loz, dinner is GOOD! Bloke needs to eat!

    Although FYI, they obviously expect to be serving through the performance given the timings :(
  9. Guy...we're in for an 8.15 seating....WITH dinner...I think :roll:

    Initially booked for 6 (did it online) they called and confirmed, and also sent me an email. We were initially being seated at 7.30.

    The 6 got changed to 5, again online, again confirmation email.

    Then I got called on Saturday to say that they had ANOTHER function on, and we couldn't be seated until 8.15. So at the moment, we have a booking for 5 - dinner included - for 8.15.

    It's under my name if you want to see if you can confuse them even more by seeing if they can put us all together :p
  10. Yes, we don't like quiet audiences, noise is all good!
  11. Hey - so come on everyone! I've still got a few seats at MY table left. So if you don't mind being my guest instead of Pia and Booga's, let me know!

    Here's one of my own modelling photos (to help in my competition with Pia)!

  12. :rofl:

    Aaaaahahahhaa, that was great, thanks for the laugh, I needed it :)

    Rest assured, all my seats are taken, so any bidders can go on your table ;)
  13. I'm looking forward to this show. Our first home court game in quite a while!

    Plus the new tunes we're doing are great fun.
  14. Just wanna wish you all the best for tonights show Loz.
    Sorry I won't be there in person, I'm sure it will be a real hoot :grin:
  15. Woot!

    Just got in from the gig. Loz and the boys were sweeeet!

    Some great new original stuff Loz. Be proud.

    Just hanging for the next CD now ;)
  16. Awesome night. Well done to Loz and the boys.
  17. We had a ball last night, great performance from the Suade guys, was good to catch up with a few nr i don't get to see to much off.

    Cheers stewy :)
  18. Hey you lot, great to see so many netriders there last night, and the reaction to our new originals was really encouraging. Thanks a bunch for coming out on a Tuesday, sorry for running so late and for the various f*ck-ups by the venue, we have a weird love-hate thing going with Manchie lane because despite the two dozen ways they screw us every time we sing there, the vibe is just fantastic when it picks up...

    Ah well, onwards to Chapel Off Chapel on May 4... :)
  19. f*ups aren't your fault...they really need to learn to not have so many friggen events on the one day and they won't be so all over the place.

    On the upside, at least they DID do what they could to make sure the majority of bookings were accomodated for, just dumbfounded at the lack of organisation of the place :roll:
  20. Yeah, and the first round of f*ckups, they said they'd make it up to us by running a bunch of ads in the Age - which they did, two weeks' worth, but we didn't realise until yesterday that they didn't put the bloody gig date or time in the ads!!!



    Ah well, we've been told Chapel off Chapel's a much more professional venue, so here's hoping...

    Although they did just ask us to submit a flyer to go out with their May 9 mailout... But our gig's on May 4... Uh-oh... :roll:

    Clearly we need to buy a venue and run it ourselves... :p