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[VIC] Loz & Suade: Movember show Wed 29th Movember

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. <sorry guys, this has been in the calendar for a month but never got forum-botted>

    Wed Nov 29th, 2006
    [VIC] Loz's group Suade: Movember Madness

    After watching me lose a bollock to testicular cancer earlier this year, the Suade lads have decided to help raise a bit of cash for men's health research. We're each growing a Mo for http://www.movember.com.au.

    And we'll be celebrating our disgusting facial hair at the Wesley Anne, 250 High St. Northcote, on Movember 29th.

    We'd love you to join us - and not just for the show. We're giving half-price tickets to anybody who rocks up with a Movember Moustache.

    This'll be our last full Suade show of the year - we're doing some appearances at a couple of big carols events but this is the last big one for us so we'll be partying it right up!

    So grow 'em, flow' em and show 'em... And we'll see you at the Wesley Anne on the 29th. Here's hoping it looks like a pool cleaners' convention!
  2. where's the Wesley Anne, Loz?

    ken's got a mo at the mo & i'm more than willing to attach one for the night so can we both get in for half price? :grin:
  3. Brooyant Carri! Yes, ze ladiess wis false and/or bogus moustachioes can get in for half price provided they commit to wearing them for the entire evening.

    The Wesley Anne is at 250 High Street, Northcote.
  4. What about blokes that have grown a mo that is put to shame by a 90 year old russian womans mo? Do we sad folk get in for half price too?

    I spose the upshot is that even though i've grown a crap mo for movember I still managed to swindled a free burger card. Grilled burger joint is giving them out for any blokes with a mo. It entitles you to 1 free burger per day at any Grilled burger joint. mmmm burgers. :)
  5. That's most of us, to be honest.

    Course it counts. Wait til you see poor Ian's effort, he's 20 years old and white-blonde. It looks AWFUL. My brother, on the other hand, looks f*cking brilliant with his mo. I'm begging him to keep it.
  6. See you there Loz. Looking forward to Mo ing it up :LOL:
  7. Sweet, I'll look for the 90 year old russian grandmother.
  8. what time does this gig kick off?
    I may pop in after dinner at Alli's :grin:
  9. Should be around 8, 8.30, something like that. We're doing 2 sets though, so you'll see plenty if you get in lateish.
  10. Sweet :grin:
    Alli and I will see you all at about 8ish.
    Im off to find a mo :wink:
  11. finish work a 8pm.
    so i'll see if i can get there on time(ish).

  12. Hey Loz. Great show lots of laughs and some great songs were given an even greater Suade treatment. The new cuddles for christmas EP is sure to be a hit :grin: I see what you mean about Ian's Mo (or lack thereof) might be due to the testosterone draining underwear he was wearing :LOL: :LOL:

    Good to see ya Caz and nice to meet you Ali. Hope your wrist heals well and soon.
  13. Hey Loz,
    Great night last night, will definately be coming to more gigs :grin: Really good atmosphere and people, and great to catch up and meet some NR members. Suade are very talented and very funny, and loved Ians frilly knickers and was just wondering if he could give me some advise as to where I may acquire a lovely lacy pair just like his :oops:

    Anywho job well done and looking forward til next time :wink:


    P.S thanks jace for the quick recovery wishes :)
  14. Hey thanks guys for rolling on down, we had a great night and a lot of laughs. Glad you guys dug it too! That stage is just such a great fun place to be!