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[VIC] Loz & Suade at the Chapel, Sat Nov 8th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    Sorry to post this so late, I know there's folks on the forums here who are keen to come down to a show.

    Saturday November 8, 8.30pm
    Chapel off Chapel, Prahran

    Boho, who is on the forums here, will get his arse out in the underpants song. Loz p...

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  2. We're there Mister Man, bought our tickets a while ago :)

    See you then :)
  3. I'll be there too, with a posse.
  4. Would love to come and check you out Loz. I'll have to see how damaged I am after paintball though...
  5. We'll be able to spot the paintballers in the crowd I reckon. Bruises and groaning will be the giveaway.
  6. Hmm, sounds like a night in with my boy...

  7. You'll have at least one paintballer in the crowd. I'm looking forward to the concert. :grin:
  8. More to the point how will everyone else be?.... :shock: :LOL:
  9. I will be there after paintball. Hopefully buy tickets on the door.

    See you there.
  10. I should be able to got to this one too. :grin: :cool:
  11. Ok then, count me in too. Sarz will be the one limping and I'll be the one laughing - ha ha ha. Don't know if I'll be organised enough to pre-book though, is that likely to be a problem?
  12. Well how was it????
  13. Recheck the date Kat :wink:
  14. Ummm... it's this weekend buddy!! :grin:
  15. So Kat, how was it??? :LOL: :p
  16. A bumper crop of netriders in the crowd tonight... Hope you guys all had a great time. We had a ripper of a night, thanks for coming down and giving us such a beaut atmosphere to yodel into. :)
  17. Good night out. Thanks to you all.
  18. That was an incredible show. It was my first time hearing you guys (sorry to say) and I really didn't know what to expect, but wow. Really, really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. OMG I laughed so hard my cheeks were hurting, but I think that Celtic song was my favourite.
  19. And a damn fine yodel you boys do, too. Great night Loz & co, looking forward to the next one