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[VIC] Loz n Suade: 'Home brew' CD Launch, May 17, Hi Fi Bar,

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    SUADE Live @ The HIFI
    125 Swanston Street Melbourne
    5pm, Sunday 17th May 2009
    Tickets $25 including booking fee
    **EARLY BIRD tickets $20**

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  2. [​IMG]

    So we've been working on the Home Brew CD for over a year now, and we're launching it at the HiFi on Sunday May 17. It's gonna be a helluva show, plus it's fairly early in the evening - so we'll definately be heading out for dinner and a buttload of drinks afterward.

    Hope some of me biker buddies can make it down!
  3. Sue and I are booked in for early-bird/tight-arse tickets, Loz. See ya there! Prob both be riding in to make parking easier.

    If we can get some babysitters we might even both do the Daylesford ride first! :grin:
  4. That's the job, wish I could join ya!
  5. looking good too.
  6. Azz & I are in!!! :grin:
  7. Sweet!

    I should add that KIDS ARE WELCOME - as long as they're with a parent or legal guardian. The Hifi have stuffed that bit up on the booking page, but we have an iron-clad agreement with them that kids can come in. Thanks Guy and Sharky for letting me know.

  8. Schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I can now take a date* to this gig :cool:

    *Whatever you're thinking of posting .... don't :!:
  9. I'm bloody excited... We should be getting the CDs back from the printers either late this week or early next week. My brother and I pulled a few all-nighters over the last 3 weeks getting it all together, but it was all worth it, hearing the finished tracks on my copy of the master I reckon we've achieved something special.

    We're doing a fair bit of radio and the odd bit of TV in the lead-up to the launch, I'll let y'all know when the times are finalised in case you wanna tune in.

    Anyway, we're now working full steam on the launch party and there's plenty of tickets still going. Earlybird pricing is finished but we're doing 20% off for groups of 10 or more. So if anyone's interested in going, I know there's a couple of NRs yet to book themselves in, so post up here and you might be able to get a group together.

    Can't wait!
  10. I was there for kate miller heidke last friday. Its a nice venue.

    I'm up for 3 tickets if anyone wants to get a group.
    if not i'll get the tickets later in the week
  11. Preparation is going awesomely, we've done a few radio and TV spots here and there and plenty of face to face promo with singing types around Melbourne. We've got Chengaleng's swing dancing troupe all rehearsed up for one number, plus a couple of special appearances lined up.

    Thanks to those who helped testing, the new http://suade.net website is up and running, and we're taking orders for the Home Brew CD. Rock!

    See you Sunday!
  12. Why, thank you Loz..
  13. I hope you've prepared your solo Wayne.
  14. All set. Just don't be downwind.
  15. Absolutely loved the show fellers... scored a good seat next to the Chairman and Ms Chairman and a lovely tall blonde gal - thanks for teeing that up Loz hehehe.

    I have the CD playing here at work... :) It's now ripped to windows player - loving it.

    Didn't get to see many NR's at the gig - where'd you all go??
  16. Same, hey Loz, can I upload it / torrent it now??? :p

    We was all up the back, at the bar, yeah........
  17. LMAO. Just had a senior manager walk in while "singing in my underpants" was playing. I had an internal smirk to the raised eyebrows. hehehehe
  18. Was just having a quick chat about Suade songs with someone who went to the gig, when I pointed out a particular one that tugged at the heart strings...

    ...The response I got cracked me up, and I quote:

    "I don’t usually listen to the lyrics that well to notice, so i’ll have to listen again..."

    :rofl: Suade are a frickin arcapella group... not much else to listen too!!

    Thanks for the laugh, you know who you are. :grin:
  19. Guys, thanks so much for coming down. It was a very special night for us and it's great to share those kinds of moments with my buddies. I really appreciate seeing you guys there.

    Onwards and upwards!

    By holy titf*ck, I am hungover.