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[VIC] Loz n Cheng's BBQ, Sat Feb 9th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Loz

    Last year I didn't have an arse to celebrate my 30th with, due to a wombat-induced Black Spur highside. Luckily, this year I do have an arse.

    We've also just moved into a new place with my good buddy Cory, who has also recently turned 30, so we thou...

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  2. I've just been informed folks that this event will feature a very special appearance by Bangr in his mankini. This is the sort of entertainment that money can't buy.
  3. see no reason we shouldn't be there......looking forward to trying out that hammock cheng setup for me :grin: :wink: :LOL:
  4. and what time shall bangr be performing as we will be there some time afterward that :LOL:
  5. I'll have to consult with the event planner.

    BTW the house is in Yarraville, unfortunately not super close to public transport, but not far from the city by taxi.
  6. Barring unforeseen gig conflicts, I'll be there! :)

    Welcome to the inner west guys. :)
  7. banger in his mankini.... I gotta see that :LOL:

    Is there a bean bag, or sofa I can crash on if I over indulge? :wink:
  8. There's a sofa bed, a spare mattress, a couch, a beanbag, a stack of cushions and a hammock. You may have to battle the Jack Russell for the beanbag - be warned, he fights dirty and will not hesitate to use puppy dog eyes.


    Note: actual dog not shown, size and colour may vary.
  9. awesome. might drop in for a couple of quiet drinks loz.. as for bangr in the mankini.. i promise im not just coming to see that
  10. Better get those doilies ironed guys :LOL: :LOL:

    I'll be there if i'm not scheduled to work that day.

    And Loz I hope the weather will be cool so we won't have to see any swamp diving :p :LOL:

    ....there again...who am I to stand in the way of some good old fashioned wholesome entertainment :woot:
  11. Bangr in the infamous red mankini :shock:

    Be afraid, very afraid!!!
    Small children could be impaired for life witnessing this!!!
  12. I'm working til 3pm that day, but Seany and I will be there sometime after that :)
  13. That's cool, I am used to it :LOL:
    This little fella is a bit bigger now though, :cool:

  14. dont worry about the small children!! worry about the rest of us!!!!!
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  16. The Ulysses... There's one out of left field, considering your recent history of blackbirds and zx12s Nev... Why'd you go for this one? Does it steer as quick as your average XB?

    Tassie's certainly the place to be, there's gonna be a big B&S crew down lapping the map that week too. Watch out for stones, they can really f*ck your radiator... :grin:
  17. Well before I rode this one away from the dealer's showroom this week I'd never ridden any other XB (aside from a 5 min test ride through some side streets on a different model) so I don't really know how they handle, but with a shorter wheelbase and steeper rake than your average GSXCBRxxxRR1 this one doesn't mind attacking the odd corner... ;) (effortless two-up wheelies well within the running-in rev-range too :)

    Yes, I have gone to extraordinary lengths to take the necessary precautions eh. :)
  18. A chance to see Loz get pissed in his native habitat eh? I'll pop by and say hello, maybe annoy the crap out of your neighbours a bit too. PM sent.
  19. Finally i will get to see you break your own stuff at a party your attending :LOL: :LOL:

    I better bring a camera
  20. Thanks

    Thanks so much for the invitation Loz and Cheng. Much appreciated. Would have been great to hang out with you guys in a non-bikey way, but I'm off being bikey in Tassie then. Bugger it, been ages since I've been to a nudity-assured party. Enjoy.