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[VIC] Lowest Road Toll Ever?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Victoria is heading for its lowest ever road toll.


    In part it also says...

    '"This figure doesn't take into account the hidden road toll - the many people injured on our roads every day."

    'Mr Reed said 7,870 serious injuries were reported to police last year as a result of road accidents, with many of those injured needing help for life.'

    Anyone here know what the stats for injuries or even the crash rate of motor vehicles and how these figures compare to previous years?

    It's one thing to claim that the road toll is lower and then to attribute that to speed enforcement, drug, drink driving campaigns and so on. But if it's only due to say, better car technologies and the crash rate remains the same then it's all for naught.
  2. Statistical anomaly? Public transport? Idiots killing themselves?

    Oh wait,
    Must be speed cameras
  3. Probably helped by the high fuel prices we experienced earlier....people only drove when they had to.....

    Oh....has anyone seen how the road toll has skyrocketed in the Northern territory since they brought in the open road speed limits? :roll:
  4. Fatigue. It'll get ya every time.
  5. Just read that the highway cops ran an operation over the holiday period, at the start of the operation the road toll was 6 higher than the year before. The operation was for enforcement and visibility, at the end of the operation Victoria had it's lowest road toll. Operation finished ie highway cops tasked to do other minor stuff and the road toll is the highest it has been for years.

    Maybe not due to better car technologies but enforcement that the road toll dropped and serious injuries also dropped?
  6. For 2007 there were 7,781 serious injuries according to the TAC database - so the difference between 07 and 08 is insignificant.
    '06 only had 7,108 serious injuries though - so in a way the road toll has gone up substantially in the last couple of years.
  7. The Average Annual Daily Traffic counts for this period have decreased. Crashes per vehicle movement are more than likely static.
  8. Rubbish. The accident rate hasn't changed in years. You need to crunch some significant data to come up with a meaningful conclusion, even if it boils down to a 'statistical anomoly.'
  9. I seriously question the validity of that statement. Last I had heard at the start of December 2008 Victoria was about 20 road deaths down on the period up to December of 2007. TonyE may have the stats to back it up.
  10. i am going a little off the track here but i heard on 3sh this morning the motorbikes are up on this period from last year
  11. sorry i miss worded that i meant in terms of deaths. it comeup wen they were talking about the death in the yarra ranges some one for motorcycling australia was carrying on about it
  12. Well, that's what I meant - With the number of motorcycles sold increasing by 9% in 2007 alone (and still accelerating in the first quarter of 2008), the number of motorcycles on the road must surely be increasing... unless everyone's suddenly decided it'd be a great time to replace their old bikes, or something.

    With that in mind, 'all things being equal', the number of motorcycle crashes would inevitably increase - More motorcycles x Same average risk of a crash/death = More deaths.

    I would like to know if the actual crash rate 'per capita' is increasing/decreasing, as that's far more meaningful for safety trends IMHO.
  13. Too many people doing overtime or roped into crappy shift work schedules to afford the kinda of time off needed to go on driving hoildays - where alot of accidents seem to happen.

    Also work commutes (by car) are mostly at 10kms/hr nowadays.