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[VIC]Loss of license question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lil, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. No I haven't lost my license, but one of the guys I work with has. He was done for drink driving and failure to control a vehicle (same incident/reason for police). He lost his license for 12 months for the drink driving, but recently also recieved a letter from VicRoads saying that because the 3 points he lost for the second ticket brought him over the 12 points he needs to hand in his license for another 6 months.

    My question is:
    Does the loss of license for 12 months for DD bring him back to no points and the points for the second offense not come into play at all?

    Or does he only have 3 points as he is on no points?

    Or does he have to keep walking for another 6 months?

    He has had no sympathy from me throughout all these incident related issues, but I'm also just curious.
  2. If he's lost (i.e had his licence canceled) then there is no licence to add points to.

    If his licence was suspended then yes, they can tack on an additional suspension period because he accumulated those points whilst on a current & valid licence.

    Not that I know for sure, but that is what common sense tell me. Which of course does not apply because of that plastic-head Premier of ours.

    btw. technically, you don't start with 12 points and then lose them, you start with 0 points and then attract them ;)
  3. I know some one that was in the same boat...he got his license back after the 12 months only to get the letter telling him he now has lost the license for the extra time from the points so he will be losing his license for 1 1/2 years

    Btw I will ask my brother in law next chance I get as he should know this

    EDIT:Talked to him...and he has ether lost it 12 months or 18 depending on what vicroads do... to put them back to back...or run them at the same time
    So he has to try find some ugly chick at Vic roads and rock her world and she may be able to pull some strings for him
  4. I know for sure (Mrs 2wheelsagain).
    Vic is correct..............again!
  5. Another example. Mate racked up x points. Opted for probation for an 05 charge. During that period he managed to get done for 45kays over the posted (100) limit.

    He had to then walk for 12 months due to the breaking of his probation, then for a further 8 months for the speeding offence. The guy should be getting his licence back around now. The speeding offence happened in Feb 06, the 05 one a few months before that back in early to mid-05.

    They (Vicroads, police, govt., whoever) have no problem whatsoever double dipping when it comes to driving offences - they also have no qualms about double dipping on GST, stamp duty, etc..

    Pity that they can't use the same philosophy for real crimes where offenders get to serve multiple sentences concurrently.
  6. oh.
    so 11 isnt such a good score then :(
    i guess it makes sense, though. because i am such an attractive bloke - its like the points have no choice ;)
  7. Yeah he's got to serve the extra period as well.... example, the idiot who got caught twice in one week on the Monash a couple of months back and had his bike impounded both times went to court last week and the magistrate in her infinitely retarded wisdom gave him 9 months suspension i think it was (should note it was his 9th time loss of licence and he was riding while disqualified both times he was caught!). He thought he was off pretty scott free with only 9 months until the cop that got him reminded him he'd accrued something like 22 demerit points which would give him an extra 15 months on top of the 9 from the sentence! Not that will stop him riding from his past history but no doubt he'll return to his stupid ways and get caught again and hopefully a magistrate with half a brain will lock him up.