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[VIC] looking at GPX250 - wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. i have found a GPX250 for a nice really cheap price.....trick is it doesn't go.

    Bike looks very clean from photos. Bike is local to home so I can go and look at it at any stage

    its '90 model and done 46000km......too many??

    The guy says it cranks over but won't start (haven't looked at it yet)

    plugs/leads/battery and carby would be my first spots to check

    Now what i need to know is would it be worth looking into this as a first bike..... ie fix it up and ride.

    Basically what i need to know is this. What is the chance i end up with a bike that will never go and need a new engine?

    And how much $ would i be looking at for parts etc?

    i know this is very vague but i thought i'd do some finding out before i got to excited.
  2. The big question is probably "just how long has it been since it actually did start". Any engine that sits around for a particularly long time without having been run (or properly prepared for storage) could be pretty well stuffed.
  3. cranks over is a good start, but you REALLY want to hear it running to be sure theres no issues. wont be the battery if its turning over (unless its just turning over REAL slow, then it may not be generating enuff spark). plugs or carbs would be my guess, you could take some plugs with you to check that or spray some "start ya bastard" or something similar in the cylinder and see if it fires.

    46000 is fine provided its been looked after, but it doesn't inspire confidence by not running. ask why its not running (how it happened etc.) and hopefully he'll tell you the truth. i guess just factor in that you may be up for a rebuild or 2nd hand motor (whatever is cheaper) if its not something simple. any clunking or crunching when turning it over would be a no no too :wink:
  4. well it has rego till october.

    not that that says how long since its been ridden.

    anyone willing to give it a look over with me if i decide to go for an inspect??
  5. It could be a fun project, but it would want to be pretty cheap.

    You wouldn't get much change out of $2000 for a very basic engine rebuild.

    I took a risk on my current bike like this and came out marginally in front, but I'm pretty handy with a spanner.

    Keep in mind you always find other things wrong with a second hand bike after you buy it.

    Also 46,000 sounds pretty high for a 250.
  6. Good, direct questioning is your answer.
    How long since it last ran?
    Was the fuel system drained prior to it being stood?
    When were consumables (air filter/ oil/ spark plugs etc..) last replaced?

    That sort of thing, to try and find out what could be wrong with it.
    I tend to agree with the above comments in that it is more than likely fuel/ spark related problems. If the fuel has gone off (stood for months with petrol in the tank and carbs), you will need to strip down the carbs to clean them out. A pain, but relatively straight forward.

    Other things to think about if the bike has been stood for a while are tyres, chain, brake pads/ calipers/ fluid. You will more than likely need to replace these too.
  7. hmmm

    was basically thinking replace plugs and leads as par for the course then go from there.

    Not to bad with a spanner myself so dismantling/cleaning carbs won't be to much of a hassle i should hope. If its a simple problem like that. Am awaiting response from seller so I can get extra info.

    of course if i do this means i'll have to hurry up and get L's! :D

    was mainly looking at this as it is available for under 1500 as is...

    would just like to know what is wrong with it before i throw away 2000 on it (1500 + parts)
  8. The fact the motor is cranking is encouraging as it indicates that the engine is startable, given the right amount of TLC.

    (Of course, there is the matter of that whopping hole in the sump that he's not telling you about... :) )
  9. now i know to check the sump........tore one of my old honda accord. engines in those can run with no oil for quite a long time.

    so far the extra questions i want to ask are

    When was it last running?
    what caused it to stop? conditions
    What has been done to try and fix it?

    age of tyres
    last service (what was done at this time)
    chain sprocket change?
    oil & fluid changes?
    service history..if any

    any more that i should be asking straight away?

    is 46000 really that much?? i've seen a lot of 250's around goung for $3000 - $4000 with 40-60K...of corse they weren't all GPX's.
  10. i currently am trying to sel my GPX250 1991 model, and 46000kms doesn't sound like a great deal to me.......

    i have been informed by many people that the engines in the GPX, provided they are well serviced and looked after can go on for a very long time.

    Be careful when buying something that doesn't run though, because until you get it running you will never be able to find out exactly wat its problems are and how much they will cost to fix..........

    Good Luck on ur endeavours for this worthy 250.... perfect bike for l-platers and new riders!
  11. Here is the link to the bike Drew incase you were interested.

  13. yeah saw that thanks

    $3000 is pushing the budget though. plus ive got to get gear etc.

    if im getting a bike i'll be straight down to get a good helmet jacket etc before i ride it anywhere.
  14. A couple of options here
    1 - agree a very low price for a bike that doesn't run. Risk vs reward. I do mean quite low here.

    2- agree a fair price if he can get the bike running and doesn't have obvious signs of damage, you then pay that price.

    If it was my money, I'd insist on the bike running and be prepared to pay a bit more.

    A very general word of advice..if the deal seems to good to be true most of the time it is (you can get lucky ocassionally, but only very ocassionally).
  15. start ya bastard is actually a product by a company called nulon, similar to aerostart etc.

    just as a guide tho mate, i sold a GPX (running and registered) last year with less kays for $2000 to my uncle, would have asked maybe $2300 if it wasn't family. keep an eye on the trading post and you'll find something reasonable for a good price. $1500 sounds way too steep for a bike that could have anything wrong in its guts. its not just the price of a replacement motor you have to worry about, but the time, effort and heartache aswell.
  16. That bike could have any number of reasons for not starting.

    Usually some fuel down the plughole, clean plug, and a fire should occur in the cylinder.

    If it does not go that way, something more serious is happening.

    Just because it turns over does not mean it should be OK. It could have a blown head gasket, probably would not hear it choofing until it actually fired.

    Pull the plug/s out and have a look. If it is wet, electrics, if it is dry carby type probs.

    Carby could be blocked. All sorts of things.

    Buy it on the proviso a mechanic gives a report on what is wrong and how much to fix. Otherwise, leave it there.
    How much would I pay? For a bike that old with those kays and won't go? 1 grand absolute tops. Could end up a very expensive ornament.


  17. Ok thanks for the advice guys. Have got some more info.

    the problem with the bike is:

    So...so how does one go about breaking rocker arms??? that combined with the new clutch plates kind of indicates its been revved hard doesn't it?

    and how much are rocker arms for a GPX250?
  18. Look I love a deal where I can buy something that isn't running. I get screw the vendor and I drag it home and 95% of time would have it running in a few hours of work.

    I owned a GPX250 or my wife did up until 6 months ago and bought off ebay unseen and after the Rascus's touch it was sensational. Great bikes.

    Broken rocker arms :?:
    If the rocker arms are broken, you trying to start it will not be good for the engine.
    Don't even touch it, walk away, don't get emotional about it, as soon as people put emotion into these sorts of desicions it only endes up in tears. Yeah it might look good and all that jazz but there are plenty of fish in the sea. Keep looking for something of good value they are out there.
    If you can't afford to purchase something running and reasonable condition then buying something like this can only cost you more money.

    If the guy is struggling to sell it, send him my way, could be a good project for me, I would offer him $500 bucks. That way if it is terminal I could still get my money back from a wreckers etc.

    Rascus :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  19. he says that it was idling fine 3 weeks ago and just stopped.

    might just leave it i think

    if i'm gonna spend cash on a bike i either want it going or a nice quote on how much to get it going.

    thanks for the advice guys.
  20. good idea, just leave it more will come along. :)