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[Vic]Look, Look & Look Again for Motorcycles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Oct 13, 2008.

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    The new advert funded from the levy has now been released. (I saw it on the Hun's website).

    It's based on the UK Look twice for motorcycles THINK campaign. There's TV, web, and printed advertising as well as mobile billboards. The radio advert will follow later. It will be officially launched next week by the Minister for Roads & Ports.

    the original UK advert is at http://au.[media=youtube]8o-u0RFtyGY[/media]
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    I can only assume that I am thinking of a different thehun website than you ! :LOL: ahem....

    Anyhoo, I see they also had a US version of that too.

    It's 8xMfk1msw9A[/media]]here
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    The adverts appear randomly from a list.
  4. All the motorbike safety campaigns seem to be revving up for the good weather. Seen the re-emergence of the protective clothing ads lately.
  5. Holy crap!

    That ad scared the bejeezus out of me. :shock:
  6. That crash (in the uk ad) is Exactly what happened to me on my bike xmas day last year, except i jumped and went over the roof of the car..

    gets me angry seeing that ad, but i really stress that drivers look carefully and riders need to expect them to pull out on you, so slow down maybe change lane position to make yourself safer and more visible. loud pipe/s too!
  7. You mean the TAC - let's scare people into not starting to ride advert. :evil:

    Protective clothing is important - but the message that comes across in those adverts is beyond that - it's aimed (in my opinion) at parents and family of those wanting to learn. Reducing the "exposure" (read: number of riders) is a tactic long espoused by some authorities.

    That's why the emphasis in the Look advert is on the car drivvers.
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  9. I reckon that LOOK ad is excellent. They used to have "Look Left, Look Right, Look Bike" which was similar.

    I also think that the TAC ad is good. Sure, the aim may be to scare people away from riding, but if it is people who are too cool to wear protective gear then that may not be a bad thing for the rest of us. I wish they'd make one where they say "This bloke just came off his scooter..." because every single day I see people doing 60 to 80 kph on scooters with no gear other than an open-face helmet. It makes my skin crawl to think what would happen if they came off. Especially the girls in sandals and skirts.
  10. So it is our duty to cop a good eyeful before the sight gets ruined. Right?

    I agree that despite outcry, the graphic, scare campaigns of governments work to a degree. They would temporarily, at least, increase awareness. However, i remember reading somewhere that a study found people would switch channels to avoid watching the adverts. Sounds a little counter productive in the longer run.
  11. Now they need one on indicators. And a hand that comes out of the steering wheel that slaps you if it detects you turned without the indicator on.
  12. I belive the adds tend to align with the Island GP, as so many riders come into Vic for it..

    I think using a dude / dudette in Shorts would be better as the Draggin Jeans etc come of second best, public perception 'if your in Jeans your not protected'..

    my 2cents rounded down
  13. such a shame our SA govt is too busy promoting that doing 2-3 kms over the speed limit is the cause of all accidents in the world & won't adopt an advert campaign like this.

    i hope someone can link to the proper VIC advert once it's released. I might personally e-mail it to our minister.
  14. Didn't the discredited "research" suggesting that for every x km/h over the limit that you travel that the risk rises exponentially originate from SA?
  15. i honestly don't know - but it's highly likely.
  16. Edgelett, I hate SA because of the insane speed limits they have there. Take the main drag down to Glenelg as a prime example. 3 pretty wide lanes (yup wide enough for a good sized massey furguson tractor) in each direction, hardly a bend in the thing and the speed limit........ 60km/hr !!!
    (so the tractors dont get outa control)

    Tony E Yeah its all a conspiracy mate, better to wrap your head in tin foil now to prevent the mind probes from knowing what your thinking....

    The ads are all about pointing out to people can happen to them if they ride without the proper protective gear, even scooter riders. Ive seen it first hand and it aint pretty.

    I think the ads are a good thing

  17. So, you seriously think that there isn't even a hint of a suggestion that those who came up with the adverts didn't have "prevention is a better than a cure" on their minds?
  18. Couldn't it be launched by a VMAC rep or something? I know it's probably a great add but it still grates me that I've funded another opportunitiy for that slimey rodent prick to showboat with. No doubt he will give great credit to himself and the government for the idea. :roll:

    Btw, does anyone have a link to the actual add? :)
  19. I don't think that's true, I think they just want to cut down on hospital and funeral bills.

    I also don't think this is true, they're aimed at car drivers coz it's car drivers who don't look for us, and aren't aware we're there so cause accidents, hence 'look, look, look again'.
  20. Yeah man, the THINK campaign is a good thing. I have 2 THINK BIKE stickers in my BMW rear window.