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[VIC] Long way around to Whitfield, Sat Jan 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: firefling

    Overnighter to Whitfield but a very different route! This one's a long day but a fun ride. :)

    The route...
    Leave early on Saturday morning and ride -
    1. Warburton (arrive at 7:30 for 8am departure)
    2. Noojee...

    ... more

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  2. All spots filled, those who want to come, you'll have to arrange alternative accoms

    Definites for the pub accoms so far:
    1. Sir Skuffy
    2. Firefling
    3. Ratty
    4. funky_monkey
    5. Realm
    6. sarz
    7. Ree
    8. Bamm Bamm
    9. Dirtydanny
    10. Mallaby
    11. putanna
    12. jazzfan
    13. Nicey
    14. Ree's friend
    15. blade
    16. Billy
    17. D.R.A.B.C
    18. MacManMike
    19. Slow Coach
    20. donski1

    Going along for the ride

    Guys and gals, remember it's a very long ride. Over 600kms in around 10-11 hours, a lot of the roads are fairly technical and will be very tiring mentally and physically. We will be having lots of short breaks but don't be surprised if you're a slow rider and don't catch up within the break period, you'll be left further and further behind.

    However, Mitch has suggested that if you don't feel up to it, you can go to Myrtleford/Bright to meet up with the rest of the group and everybody can ride back together to Whitfield.

    Suggestions for the group...
    Group 1 - Long way and meeting at Woori Yallock
    Group 2 - Meeting along the way and where
    Group 3 - Meeting in Whitfield

    Group 1 - Sir Skuffy, Ratty, Realm, Ree+1, BammBamm, Dirty Danny, Mallaby, Slow Coach, Putana, MacManMike, DRABC
    Group 2 - Jazzfan, Nicey (Bairnsdale)
    Group 3 - Firefling (still deciding whether I'm in group 1, 2 or 3)
  3. I'm keen, count me in

    However, can I suggest, from Stratford to Bairnsdale, we take the Bengworden Rd? Just because :wink:
  4. Me, me, I want to come and play.

    It isn't going to rain is it Mitch!!!

    I'll see if Louise wants to tag along as well.
  5. I dunno :-k that adds a whopping 11kms extra on the trip. Not sure if we can squeeze it in...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Yeah probably, I didn't think about the Noojee to Bairnsdale leg too much :p
  6. At the speeds the Bengworden road can be ridden, we'll pass through it in approx 2.3 mins
  7. there is always the other way.
    Noojee > yallourn nth> tyers> cowwar> heyfield.

    it's my home area and the roads this way are curvy like a woman and fast. ;-)
  8. Can I play too?
  9. If sarz & donski are in sleep is out of the question :LOL:
    I'm a definite maybe at this stage :wink:

    EDIT: Joining at Stratford or Bairnsdale
  10. put me down guys. meen as kustard!
  11. Can I be a maybe?? - About what time will you be in Bairnsdale? Can I meet you there?
  12. Hey all, further to Minna's comments about the ride.

    Yes, day 1 will be a longish day with quite a bit of twists and turns and alot of fun to be had. But, the destination will certainly be worth it.

    I see a couple of options available here.
    1). Ride with the group - minimal stops and the only sight seeing will be a blur :LOL:
    2). Mee the group in Whitfield
    3). Meet the Group in Bright

    Apart from that, hope to see you on the weekend.
  13. Please add me as definitely maybe...

  14. Minna - please add Franky - the funkymonkey to the fold. :grin:
  15. Why add 2.3mins to the trip, SHEESH............

  16. Hey Ratbag and Sarz - adding 2 to 3 mins is dangerous....

    This is a perfectly planned and organised ride that will be as efficient as a 1947 harley shovel head - well, as an Harley actually. :LOL: :LOL: :eek:wned:

    Just kidding..... I actually do love Harley's. :bolt:
  17. I'll be coming on this one to ensure there will be plenty of stops for fuel and cigarettes :LOL:

    ...as we all know on group rides a Superduke rider is a smokers best friend :cool:

    PS: Skuffy put Danny down too mate :)
  18. Looking forward to this. Will give me some practice before I head to Tazz that week.

    Bring it on again.
  19. Hey jazz, we'll probably get there around 12pm. Reckon a quick lunch there might be in order, have to ask the skuffbot. :)
  20. Umm hellooo?? Did you not take any notice who's put the post up about attendance and all?? Gawds I only hope you're much more attentive on the road :roll: :p :p :LOL: