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[VIC] Little River TT Reunion, Sun Jun 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jennifer Martinez

    Remember the Australian and Victorian TTs of the 1950s held in Little River, VIC. with a display of photographs, classic motorcycles and memorabilia; competitors reunion; circuit tour; parade laps and commemoratives sign unveiling. Little River Mechani...

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  2. cool, i hope there is a good turn-out.
  3. Looking forward to this one. I'm going.
  4. What a top day out. Heaps of good old bikes and old racers. I even had to push start a Rudge. I am now fully convinced that the best thing about the "good old days" , is that they are over. No photos. Forgot the camera.
  5. So that was you :)

    Yeah it was a top day and great to remember and see an event that few people knew even existed. I took some shots on my phone camera, but they aren't that great.
  6. Good day
    some great old bike
    and the noise when they started up
  7. A good day out and a good turn out of bikes and people.
    Click for Pics
  8. Top shots. Thanx.
  9. that was such a great day, well worth the trip.

    i took about 250 photos with my digital SLR and got about 15 minutes worth of high quality audio (microphone attached to my iPod) so i'll make a little youtube video with pictures and a soundtrack of bikes warming up and giving it some on the parade laps!
  10. There is a similar thing coming up, later in the year, at the old Darley circuit near Bacchus Marsh.
  11. Especially interested in the sidecar burnouts :cool:
  12. Yeah, that was good. It was Shane Soutar, current Aust Champ, and points leader this year.
  13. Thanks mate, and welcome aboard.
  14. I believe that is this weekend (20 July) but despite the fact I have sent an email to the person whom I was told is organising the event I have no idea whether or when it is actually on.
    Maybe it's some secret thing only for those in the know. :mad:
  15. It turns out that it is nothing much to do with bikes.