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[VIC] Lilydale to Noojee via Mt Donna Buang, Wed Mar 15th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Clifford

    Lilydale Macca's 10:15AM for a 10:30AM start.

    This is a Class 3 ride. Learners are welcome, however some of the roads are quite technical and would not suit riders with very limited experience.

    The route takes in some grea...

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  2. Map of route here

    Lead/Corner/Tail End Riders
    Depending on numbers will dictate if these are all necessary. I will lead the ride and we will need corner markers and tail end riders.

    Riders (list will be updated)
    Cejay - Confirmed
    Black Betty - Confirmed
    Conny! +1 - Definite Maybe
    Seany - Possible
    Popeswd - Confirmed

    This is a general 'go out for a mid week ride, don't want to lose my licence or break any limbs' sort of ride. Average speeds will be up or around the legal limit, but won't be exceeded. The ride is a Class 2/3 and should not be attempted if you have only just got your L's.
  3. Well i'm a uni student and have wednesdays off.

    I would like to come but i am still a very cautious rider on my Viffer. It still feels so big compared to the KLX. I am however practicing and getting better. But i still keep getting overtaken by my mate on his VTR 250. Not a good feeling. :( :p

    And also i've never met any of you guys.

    I don't know if a class 3 is suitable for my first ride. I'm no newbie but my skills still require a lot of refining.

    But if there are any more tamer rides mid week, i'm up for that.
  4. It's really a Class 2.5, but there isn't a sticker for that!

    Doonks is doing the same ride in April 1 and is classified as an Learner to Intermediate, and all he is missing is the section to Mt Donna Buang. And that section is quite good, wide(ish) road, only a couple of tight corners. And the views, well, if the sun is shining it's worth the trip. You can see down into the Latrobe valley and even the smoke stacks from the power stations.

    The section to Powelltown is great, some wide sweepers, open corners, nothing bad at all. The run from Powelltown to Noojee is very good, there are some tighter corners, but all are well signed and nothing will jump out at you.

    So really, it's only a class 3 because I don't think it's appropriate for a newly licensed L plater.

    We'll see you there then??!!! :grin: :LOL: :p

    Oh and BB and me are great company too!
  5. And I hadn't met any of the 4 riders I went out with last week either but didn't matter - all very nice chappies - most welcoming - had an excellent time :)
  6. Ok, fair enough.

    Put me down for a definite maybe if you don't mind having to wait on some of the tighter bits for me to catch up.

    And also depends on how a group meeting at uni goes tomorrow.

    How will i know who you are? Probably the only one on a big Cee Bee Arrr at the maccas...
  7. A definite maybe then!

    And the uni thing, sounds exciting. Can't possibly beat a day on the bike?
  8. on school break

    yes lets go for ride

    speedo not working
    but ride

    yes i am in
  9. Put me down as a maybe and I'll see how quickly I can get a few jobs done. It sounds like fun to me. :)
  10. I have a mate that is keen on coming. He is on a 250 but he is a pretty good rider.

    We'll see how he goes. Someone slashed his tyre over the weekend. Not enough to pop it, but enough to make you think twice about riding.
  11. sup, i think i am gonna get in on it too, fcuk whats a 2 hour lecture on ergonomics gonna matter.

    hope the front tyre holds up
  12. oh whats the forecast look like for 2 moz?

    hmmmm beutiful, 25 and fingers crossed sunny.
  13. The tyre is a bit scary...are you sure it's gonna be ok? Any chance of getting it replaced in the AM? First Class are in Lilydale and could change it for you pretty much there and then if you got in early enough. For a VTR250 I wouldn't have thought it'd be too much
  14. Conny or The Jabbo

    if you are going do you want to meet some where for ride there
  15. Holy crap, your coming a long way! I thought it was bad enough coming from Hawthorn.

    I guess we could meet up somewhere. Which way are you coming through? We will probably jump on the eastern and then head out the picturesque Maroondah hwy to Lilydale.

    I think we are going to leave Hawthorn around 9. I decided i want an mcdonald bacon and egg muffin. I haven't had one since good friday last year. :shock:
  16. yes that's ok
    was going over bridge past zoo
    on to eastern

    which turn off do you come onto eastern
  17. Chandler hwy.

    I'm not sure where there is a good place to meet there. Maybe just up Yarra Blvd??
  18. meet there 9.15
    on ramp
    if that's ok
  19. Did everyone make it home safe?

    Well thanks for organising the ride Clifford. I had a great time.

    Learnt some stuff, thanks popeswd. :)

    Went through Yarra Blvd and it felt really comfortable. Helps when i know what the corners are like before they are in my face. ANd also kept up with some dude practicing weight shifting, while jabbo was going no hands in front of me. :-O

    Looking forward to the next ride. If you can handle my slow man skills. :)
  20. Thanks Cejay, I had a great time. I'd never ridden those roads before and I was impressed. Good to meet some new faces as well. :grin:

    Photos are uploading as I type so I'll post them soon. :grin: