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[VIC] Licola Easter Escape: Mon 13th Apr

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Sorry for the late notice. Just found out I was going to be free for tomorrow.

    Forecast is for a sunny 24C tomorrow, and after a dreary and shitful few weeks, I want to ride. Hoping some of you can make it.

    I'm thinking....Licola. Yeah. That sounds good. One of the best remote roads around. Approx. 500kms of some of the best roads that Victoria has to offer.

    Destination: Licola via SW Gippsland
    Meet Point: Caltex/Safeway Fuel+, (next to McDonalds) Cnr Clyde Road and Kangan Drive, Berwick, Melways Ref: 111 C10, Google Map
    Gathering Time: 9:15am (at Meet Point)
    Depature Time: 9:30am sharp (don't be late!)
    Lunch: Heyfield
    Ride Break Up: Woori Yallock or Pakenham
    Ride Length: Approx. 500kms from meet point to break up

    As usual, it'll be another one of my full days of riding filled with "boring" roads. :LOL: Hope to see you there! :cool:

    NB: Ride is not suitable for inexperienced riders. If you're confident in travelling long distances at the speed limit on tight technical roads, then this ride is for you.
  2. been to long since a decent ride for me. i dont like the beginnings of square tyres. its time to make a stand :twisted:
  3. any chance of a map of route or just a rough idea?

  4. Trade secret. :grin: I already gave a rough idea. SW Gippy then on to Licola. To try to explain the route would take me a good hour. It's so chock full of various roads that you'll be lost after the third turn-off, but you won't care, and there WILL ALWAYS be someone marking a corner or waiting for you at the next intersection.
  5. is there any gravel involved in this?
  6. No gravel.
  7. Flux, when did you last head up to Licola?

    There have been extensive road works going in after the fires and floods of recent times. I don't know if it's all completed. Hopefully it has. But be wary, just in case.

    Oh, if you guys head out via Powelltown, take it easy. Mate encountered speed and booze traps there two days ago. Cops have been fairly active in the Gippy region recently.

    I'd love to do this ride myself as I'm busting to get out. But I'm at work as I type this and will be sleeping tomorrow.

    Have a good one, folks.
  8. Last visited Licola a couple of months after the floods. Roads were fine then apart from a couple of make-shift bridges. Fires wouldn't affect the roads to any great degree this far out from them, so expecting it to be fine. Will be keeping a careful eye out in any event.
    Thanks for the heads up, but not taking that route. It's the Easter weekend anyway, so we'll be on our best behavior. I generally don't like crazy speeds myself on publics roads. I do my best to keep to the policy of having fun where it's tight and dangerous, 'cos the cops have all the safer places covered. :LOL:
  9. Would love to tag along, but am booked up tomoz.

    Will keep an eye out for the next one. Have a blast!
  10. Would love to go but,,,well,,,I'm not sure which bike to take cos I've got a couple of spares.
    I don't have anything else on at all either, and it's such a nice day.
    Sorry can't make it! :grin: :grin: :grin:

    How come everyone is posting they CAN'T make it? LOL

  11. Myself and six others turned up for the ride today. An absolute ball was had by all. Covered approx. 600kms for the day. Sorry to those who didn't make it. You missed out! :p

    I now know how long it takes me to get from Licola - Heyfield. :LOL: :oops: :shock: :twisted: :grin:
  12. shithouse day.
    dont ever ride with this guy.

  13. i can imagine it was a shitty ride, with horrible riders :p

    what a great day for it too :)
  14. Thanks again Stew, you led the ride well both on and off the bike. No one got booked or crashed so by that definition it was a good ride. :grin:

    I still can't believe the generous serving size for the minimum of chips at the Heyfield flip and dip shop. That'll be a story to tell the grandkids.