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(Vic) Licensing restriction question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Nakkas, May 10, 2007.

  1. A question about the E restriction on Vic licenses. It states that you can't ride above 260cc and no pillion.

    If an 18 year old gets their L's on their Bday and their P's 3 months later. Willl they be allowed to ride an R1 (or powerful bike) with a pillion, in 1 year, even though they are still on their P plates.

    I know a 19 year old who claims he's riding his powerful bike legally, even though he's still on his P plates.

    It just seems odd that you wouldn't be able to go anywhere near a V8, but can get on a Busa or something a zillion times quicker and more dangerous..


    Btw, I know only 1 year applies to full license holders getting their bike license..

  2. Ur right there. It does seem odd, that after a minimum experience of 15months somebody can ride anything they want.
  3. Here in NSW it is something similar... you can get your L's when you're 16 (for a car license) and 16 and 9 months (for a rider license).

    You can be on your P1 (red P's) when you're 17 for both.

    You can be on your P2 (green P's - car only) when you're 18, but you can be on your unrestricted license for riding.

    So you can get on what ever the hell bike you want by the time you're 18, and still be restricted with what cage you can drive for another 2 years while on your P2's

    Motorcycle restrictions are LAM approved bikes only (650cc and under, no more then 150kW/tonne)
    Car restrictions are no V8s, supercharged or turbo charged (unless diesel) cars

    L and P plate restrictions apply on a class basis, rather then a license basis, which makes sense.
  4. Nope your inteerpreting the information wrong

    From Vic Roadsd

    If your on P's for car your on P's for a bike.
  5. But the capacity restrictions still only last for a year.
    You are still on probation for three years - as for a car.

  6. Yep read it again and your right.
  7. Yes. :)

    P's and restrictions are different things and one does not effect the other. Just like how some people eat chocolate, but they can still watch The Simpsons. :grin:
  8. Im on P's for my car licence.

    I display P's on my bike, and will do until Nov 08 however my RESTRICTIONS end in Jan 08.

    In Jan 08, i am able to upgrade to whatever bike i want :twisted: even thought i still have to display P's...
  9. Is that true? I didnt know that!! I get my Full Car licence in October this year, but my P's for my bike wont finish until April 08, so does that mean I dont have to display a P plater after my 21st in Oct?
  10. You don't.. I'm in pretty much the same boat as you. Fulls in December. 1 year rider anniversary in March..

    As of December I throw my P plate in the bin.

    As of March, I breathe easy taking pillions..
  11. shounak is correct to what he said. got my Ls yesterday ( :grin: ) the bloke who went through roadcraft skills with us also explained this, as far as i remember if your on your Ps on your car, once you get your Ps on your bike you must display them (for up to 3 years if you dont have your car Ps like me). if you have a full drivers licence, once on your Ps you dont need to display the plates, but are restricted from pillion and cc's for the first year.

    damn thats confusing for me to read, even now :?