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[VIC] Level crossings

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by spawn, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Just a question, at level crossings with boom gates, do you pull off when the boom gates retract or do you have to wait until the lights and bells stop too?

    Reason I ask is that I was at the front waiting for the gates and pulled off once they lifted but noticed cars behind me were still waiting. What's the law say?
  2. Could it have been one of those level crossings with a set of lights at it also???
  3. Didn't see any :oops:
  4. I'm in SA, but I'm pretty sure this is an oz wide rule - you need to stay stationary behind the line until all lights and bells cease.

    Of course, I'm too lazy to actually chase any references. :oops: Mind you, so is the OP. :p
  5. lol....Oh well

    Not sure on the law but i always thought once the boom gates were up your free to go.

    Sure someone will correct if wrong.
  6. Wait for the lights and bells to stop. You have to stop for them when there is no boom gate, the addition of the boom gate does not change that.
  7. Gates lift I go, and I haven’t seen many people sit and wait for the flashing lights to stop and I’m sure the bells stop when the gates go up.
  8. The main reason why I pull off when the booms lift, is that if I've filtered to the front I want to pull off before the cars do for safety reasons.
  9. You will notice cars are sitting and waiting for the lights and bells to stop now, because many crossings have been fitted out with red light cameras, as a result of the high number of level crossing incidents in recent years.

    In addition to trains crossing, a lot of them also incorporate a pedestrian/cycle crossing parallel to the train line, so the red light may not be only for the benefit of the train.
  10. Bah you guys are lazy, so I had to look it up :wink:

    So I read it one has to wait till the boom has opened completely and that the lights and bells have stopped (can't enter when they are operating).

  11. Police were running a blitz on tooronga road last year and booked hundreds for crossing the lines after the booms went up but the lights were still flashing.
    Under the laws when the lights stop flashing can you move.
    (I think it's stupid as the booms have risen so off I go.)
  12. It's amazing how we become conditioned.

    At some crossings, the red boom lights are preceeded by normal traffic lights. They stay on a solid red whilst the boom gates are still flashing. When the gates go up, the lights stay red and then only go green a few seconds later. No one fails to obey those signals. Why wouldn't they just do the same with the flashing lights? They stay red until it's safe to cross?
  13. Oh and I see it's a 5 point offense!

    This poses a bit of a problem when filtering to the front at level crossings, mainly because some cars will try pull away, so either pull in front of them to block (and risk getting abused) or just place yourself in a position that cars cant side swipe if they do jump-the-gun...

    Lots of interesting stuff on the vicroads site lol, crossing a single solid white line to overtake for example!
  14. Because they don't turn GREEN like other lights :p
  15. True, but at the crossings I've seen this done to, there is several weeks of work for the installation of a new set of totally seperate traffic lights. Surely there has to be a more cost effective way of changing peoples behaviour? If all we need is a consistent approach to signals and crossings, why don't we do that?
  16. I agree, to make it consistent, just replace the dual-flashing red lights with a standard traffic light!
  17. There is a large sign that states don't cross while lights are flashing but fails to mention the severity of the penalty if you do. (apart from being squashed by a train that is)
  18. I've found drivers tend to behave differently depending on the lights. I know one set of lights where they always leave immediately after the boom gate has risen: wait there on your bike and you'll get flattened! Another crossing around the corner from my folks place is the opposite: they always wait for the lights and bells to cease as well. This one does have a pedestrian crossing also - so perhaps that's why.
  19. Law is 'you must wait for lights'.

    Common sense is 'the f***ing train is gone, the fence is gone, it's hammertime'.

    Weird how we let automated light bulbs tell us what to do, really. Ho hum!

  20. I maintain that if it is not safe to cross, they shouldn't lift the fcuking boom gates. Ergo...boom gates start going up, I'M GONE BABY!

    I know the law and I son't see eye to eye on this one. I feel I have a good point though.

    (And I do not agree with tools that deliberately cross when boom gates are down)