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VIC [Vic] Legality of riding on pavement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Athman, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I've just started a delivery service for my wife's restaurant. I've been using the delivery scooter to do letterbox drops of pamphlets during the daytime. Not sure if it is legal or not. I can park on the pavement but can I ride on it continuously?

    I'm going to do it anyway, but just wondering if it is actually illegal.

    (This being Victoria, the most likely answer is that everything is illegal.)
  2. Re: Legality of riding on pavement (in Victoria) {moved to proper forum please don't just GD dump}

    Paging [MENTION=21911]Dougz[/MENTION]

    The answer is no and don't do it you will get booked and deservedly so.
    Posties are legally allowed and only in the delivery of mail.
    Parking a bike you can legally ride but only for a small distance, and only for the purpose of parking.
    DO not bring undue attention to yourself as someone may video tape you and place it on youtube.
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  3. Re: Legality of riding on pavement (in Victoria)

    No you can't. (see below).

    Funnily enough, "Driver" is defined as not being a "motorbike rider", yet I can't find any rules about riding on paths except for this one below.

    The one they'll get you on is "...by the shortest practicable route..."

  4. Re: Legality of riding on pavement (in Victoria) {moved to proper forum please don't just GD dump}

    Continual riding on the path is not legal, so Athman, I'm not saying don't do it, but understand that if you're reported you may cop a fine.

    Do you have hi viz everything? I would imagine that if you look like you're doing a job and wear hi viz and you're on a scooter dawdling along, only the busiest of bodies will kick up a fuss.

    Dougz looked into the legality for a family member, but it was focused on parking IIRC.
  5. Yes as above " I would get yourself a push bike and a backpack and do it on that "
    but that is also illegal ( unless your under 12 I think ) . But I think you would stand a better chance of not getting done on push bike .
  6. Re: Legality of riding on pavement (in Victoria)

    Funnily enough, this is not true - "driver" is defined simply as the person in control of a vehicle. The rules then go on to say:

    "In the Rules, a reference to a ‘driver’ generally includes a rider. If a
    particular rule does not apply to riders, or applies only to particular
    kinds of riders, this is stated in the rule."

    You can see that is the case in Rule 288 you quoted, because it actually says:
    A driver may drive on a path if the driver is -
    (c) engaged in the delivery of postal articles for or on behalf of Australia Post
    (c iii) the vehicle is a bicycle or motor cycle with an engine capacity not exceeding 110 cc
  7. Thanks for the replies, very helpful (and sorry for putting it in the wrong forum). I suspected it is illegal and now I know.

    As for what happens next, I'll keep my own counsel on that. :)
  8. This can't be right - a question is asked, several serious answers given, and the OP thanks everyone and shows some discretion.
    Fair enough then, I'll continue the trend.

    Swap the scoot for a CT110, and wear high-vis. I reckon you'd be just fine...
  9. f ucked thing is posties are under immense pressure to go as fast as possible,
    there is no way you can keep it under 10kph without losing your job,

    total load of shit, it is just so they can blame the postie rather than copping it, and probably fire them.

    so it is illegal to go over 10kph on the footpath, but you will lose your job if you don't, that is just one example of how ****ed australia post is.
  10. Over the last 12 months, have you ever seen everybody's junkmail being delivered that way? Has it ever occurred to you there is a reason why this would be so and why advertisers would otherwise *not adopt a more efficient method of delivery?

    Commonsense mate. Use it.

    Don't come here when you next visit in 12 months sobbing you've been fined or sued and weren't told.

    You asked, you were told, and you were warned.

    *<edit> extra word.